Cultivating space for you to wake up, remember who you are, trust your intuition and navigate change through practical and spiritual techniques


Gwen's clients have built thriving businesses, taken investment for their companies, healed strained business partnerships, transitioned from executive to entrepreneur, added passive streams of income, doubled and tripled their income while paying off debt, bought and renovated their dream homes, called in loving relationships, marriages and children, as well as revamped dead or unfulfilling marriages, healed strained relations with loved ones, grieved the deaths of family and friends, forgave the unthinkable, accepted and fell in love with themselves for the first time in their lives. Clients have shifted old addictive patterns and habits, created breathing room for sometimes the first time in their lives, reclaimed their power, energy and gifts, instituted boundaries and climbed mountains - literally Mount Kilimanjaro - in less than several months of training.



Gwen knows what it’s like to feel burnt out, overwhelmed and confused of how and what to change because you're too busy keeping the plates spinning or not feeling like you have (fill in the blank with the reason time or money) to change.

Gwen knows what it feels like to have lived a life of choosing others over herself. Gwen knows what it's like to want to be herself in all areas of her life versus compartmentalizing.

Gwen understands what it's like to experience the fraud syndrome, stay small, limited and constricted. Gwen didn't know who to trust, or how to ask for help because she was so used to doing it all alone. 

Gwen is passionate about creating space for clients to live from pleasure, not obligation. Each client she works with has a unique past, current challenge and future desire. Yet, each client shares a common denominator...they achieved a level of success but are still not happy, not fulfilled, operating on overdrive and auto-pilot. 


In ancient times women were the CEO's of the tribe and community. They were also the guides and advisors because of inherent intuition and nurturing. In ancient cultures women amplified their energy by aligning their menstrual cycles with the lunar cycles in circles with other women.  

During these circles, women would celebrate being a woman through honest sharing, honoring the elements of nature, shedding what no longer served them, as well as intuiting next steps and accountability.  

Gwen's moon circles have been described as medicine for the soul. Guiding modern women through traditional moon rituals and ceremonies, Gwen holds space for women to invoke deeper connection, intuition and breath into their busy lives. 


This simple and profound two-part breathing technique leaves clients feeling something they have never felt before and may even have trouble describing in words.

Breathwork is efficient, effective and productive. It opens the energy channels, creates freedom and flow through the body, unlocks creative potential, leaves clients with a deeper understanding of love and living from their heart.

You will lay on the floor, music will play, and you will breathe. The rest is to be revealed. Some of the benefits include reducing stress, relieving anxiety, clearing depression, softening anger, releasing sadness, and increasing relaxation, calm and peace.

Gwen offers 1:1 sessions combined with coaching, as well as classes and workshops. For more information on privates, classes and Gwen's 2018 Breathwork Tour visit below. 

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The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.
— Confucius

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