After 10 years working in pharmaceutical research, Gwen graduated in 2007 with a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, completed a Soul-Centered Coaching Certification program and began professionally coaching fellow research professionals, nurses and physicians. 

Since then Gwen has expanded the clientele she serves to Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers, real estate agents, addiction recovery professionals, other coaches, therapists and creatives who are ready to change the way they are living - based on who they truly are - not what they thought they need or should be. In doing so, clients have more presence, peace, power, freedom and connection while they create even more wealth and value in their worlds. 

Gwen has moved through numerous life challenges from a young age with an ever-present intention to heal, grow and help others. She uses all of her own past and present challenges and triumphs in coaching her clients. This includes: Clairvoyance and clairsentience that she learned to master, being diagnosed with a rare disease as a teenager, having a near death experience, courageously calling off an engagement because it wasn't aligned, moving from alcoholism into sobriety, healing numerous health conditions through alternative modalities, co-founding a non-profit and accepting when it was time to walk away, owning a consulting and coaching business, becoming a single mother and two years later manifesting a husband and having a second child. Through all of the professional and personal opportunities Gwen has mastered medicine of the soul. 

Clients share that Gwen integrates deep spiritual concepts and psychological tools in realistic, fun and doable ways for professionals with full lives who want balance and peace without losing their edge or success. Gwen works with clients from the perspective that self discovery and the associated changes does not have to be serious, scary or boring - it can be light, joyful and fun with lots of play and laughter. 

Gwen walks her talk by continuing to grow, learn and heal in all areas of her life and on all levels of consciousness. Facilitating Breathwork and Reiki, women's moon circles and practicing Kundalini Yoga are her latest passions, as well as her long time love of running, swimming and dancing. Parenting her two-year old and five-year old children, as well as mastering the art of modern marriage with her husband in Los Angeles, continues to be her greatest spiritual practice. 

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson