I understand feeling burned out, overwhelmed, overloaded and thinking you have no time or space to change or breathe because you are too busy - working and hustling, keeping the plates spinning and/or the appearances up that you've got it all together. Or maybe you simply feel like you should be happy or peaceful because you have everything you thought you wanted but you are not. You're not sure who can help and how to ask. 


I had created so many things that I wanted - a relationship, a family, a home, money in the bank, good health, spiritual practices and good friends. However I was working in a long-time, lucrative profession that I held onto out of comfort and fear but constantly left me exhausted, uninspired, depleted and way from my family more than I wanted to be. 


 Instead of making drastic changes or waiting for something drastic to happen to make me change (illness, divorce, death of a loved one), I started slowly making steady, consistent and consecutive adjustments to my life. 

I created boundaries around my schedule and work. I released guilt and fear about taking time for myself. I said "No" to things that were not a priority and "Yes" to things that were. I shared firm yet lovingly when speaking with others. 

I let go of old beliefs about work and money that no longer served me (or my family). I invested my time and money in what I wanted - I hired my own coaches and healers and started making more income than I thought possible. I spent money on workshops and attended trainings. I stretched into learning skills that were new and uncomfortable. 

I started creating aspects to my coaching business that were not only spiritual and heartfelt, but creative, savvy, fulfilling and fun. I claimed my gifts and as a result my work and relationships started flowing.


Have a neutral observer and cheerleader of you and YOUR LIFE

A quiet, sacred, nurturing space that is ALL FOR YOU to take a deep breath, stretch and receive - Many of my clients find that this is a gift that allows them to expand

A safe space to ask questions, receive neutral feedback, encouragement and SUPPORT - Most of the people in our lives have an attachment to us

Discover, clarify and own your PRIORITY - Your focus often ends up being different than what you initially think it is

RELEASE the limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serves you

Create boundaries, balance and time to DO WHAT YOU LOVE

Learn, practice and MASTER self forgiveness on a daily basis

BREATH beyond fear, resistance and your glass ceiling - and LEARN to master them to your benefit

Feel more ease, authenticity, flow and FREEDOM, both internally and externally

Bring your focus to your STRENGTHS and create from there

ACCEPT and LOVE who you are and where you are

Be empowered with NEW PERSPECTIVES and self care on all levels

Own your power and experience more efficiency, productivity and SUCCESS

Find your voice, confidence and POWER in saying "No" and "Yes"

Learn your UNIQUE aspects and process for moving through life to use in your future endeavors 

Learn to use INTUITION, gut feelings and spirituality while enhancing your edge, success and income

Be your own BEST FRIEND, companion and advisor

AWAKEN to your spiritual being and LIVE from it

CO-CREATE financial income, be fulfilled and nurtured while doing it. 

Get ready to LAUGH and PLAY - We have got to have fun while we do this! 


 Discovery phone call and in-person sessions

Intake questionnaire and coaching agreement

Free introductory workbook

Three-hour, in-person launch session (at the start of our coaching)

Three-hour, in-person check-in session (halfway through our coaching)

Bi-weekly 90-minute sessions either in person, by phone or Skype 


Weekly 60-minute session either in person, by phone or Skype

Weekly email reports on wins, challenges and questions

Email and text support within 48 hours

Writing / reading homework assignments

Two private Breath Work sessions


Coaching occurs in 3-month and 6-month increments depending on the client and intention

Schedule a discovery call to determine what time-frame best fits your goals and investment


gwen held a safe and sacred space. I came in feeling uncertain and blocked. I left vibrating, tingling and alive. i was more creative the following day than i have been in years. i am so grateful. 

- Rianna, Los Angeles, California


Gwen knows how to hold a loving and compassionate space for people. when I was with Gwen I could feel her love amplify the healing. She was tuned in to my feelings, thoughts, body and breath. She was there to guide me through the difficult moments, allow for full expression of the emotions coming through me and gently lead me back to a loving place. She created a safe space and used her keen intuition to reflect back some powerful insights and i created the income that i was desiring immediately after the session.

- Laura, Los Angeles, California



If you're ready to make a change, if you're ready to stop making excuses, if you're ready to take your life to the next level, if you want to create a life you love, if you want to work and live from a source that fulfills you .... then book a discovery call.

During the call we will explore your biggest challenge, your biggest desire, what is holding you back and implement a plan for how to start moving forward. You will laugh. You will dig deep. You will to start to feel like the vibrant person that you are!