I understand feeling burned out, overwhelmed, overloaded and thinking you have no time or space to change or breathe because you are too busy - working and hustling, keeping the plates spinning and/or the appearances up that you've got it all together. Or maybe you simply feel like you should be happy or peaceful because you have everything you thought you wanted but you are not. You're not sure who can help and how to ask. 


I had created so many things that I wanted - a relationship, a family, a home, money in the bank, good health, spiritual practices and good friends. However I was working in a long-time, lucrative profession that I held onto out of comfort and fear but constantly left me exhausted, uninspired, depleted and away from my family more than I wanted to be. 

Instead of making drastic changes or waiting for something drastic to happen to make me change (which is what a lot of people wait for...illness, divorce, death of a loved one), I started slowly making steady, consistent and consecutive adjustments to my life. 

I created boundaries around my schedule and work. I released guilt and fear about taking time for myself. I said "no" to things that were not a priority and "yes" to things that were. I shared firm yet lovingly when speaking with others. 

I let go of old beliefs about work and money that no longer served me (or my family). I healed that old story that making a great living doing work that I loved was possible.

I invested my time and money in what I wanted. I hired my own coaches and mentors.  I stretched into learning skills that were new and uncomfortable. I came back home to my true self, reclaimed my purpose, and as a result my work and relationships started flowing. And I started making more income than I thought possible. 

I love coaching women as they wake up, trust their intuition, navigate life and transition with practical and spiritual techniques so they can RISE. I love advocating women who are ready to access the medicine of their soul as they answer these three questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I bring that purpose and provide for myself in a way that is authentic, honest and aligned?   


Sacred, nurturing space that is all for you

Safe place to ask questions, receive feedback and encouragement 

Discover and clarify your deepest desire and how to engage in it

Identify limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck or blocked

Create boundaries, balance and time to do what you love

Learn, practice and experience mastery of your deepest desire on a daily basis

Move beyond fear, resistance and your glass ceiling

Feel more ease, authenticity, flow and freedom

Love your body and honor it

Be empowered with new perspectives

Forgive, love and accept all of who you are

Mastery of self-care practices that work for you

Own your confidence, efficiency and productivity  

Enhance edge, success and income

Listen, trust and follow your intuition

Laugh, play and have fun



I've invested thousands of dollars over the past 14 years in my personal and professional journey between graduate school, certifications, workshops, training and hiring my own healers, coaches and mentors.

Investing in my self, my life and my business, stretching and learning, makes me feel alive and expansive. The value of having someone with me every step of the way creates momentum. Momentum feeds commitment. Commitment feeds purpose. Purpose feeds peace. 

The women I work know the value of investing in themselves. The women I work with are ready to invest. The women I work with are willing to do something different. The women I work with are open to action and magic. The women I work with are awe inspiring. 




This four-hour session is ideal for clients who know what they want but benefit from laser guidance and strategy on how to make it happen. This is ideal for someone who is disciplined and implement a plan after the session. 


  • Session in-person, phone or Skype
  • Intuitive and psychic reading
  • Deeper dive into what's not working in your life and what's blocking you
  • Strategizing a comprehensive action steps for what you want
  • Breathwork at the end of the session
  • One-week of email support after the session



    This six-month, 1:1, consistent coaching is ideal for a woman who is moving through a major life transition such as a:

    • Career change (promotion to executive, executive to entrepreneur, entrepreneur to the next level of business)
    • Relationship change (single to new relationship, breakups, separation, conscious uncoupling, divorce or death)
    • Physical healing (has tried all other forms of treatment and healing and ready to go to the next level of healing)
    • Geographical move (and wanting to create a new experience of life)
    • Answering the Quarter Life and Half Life questions (Who Am I, What Is My Purpose, How Do I Live My Purpose)
    • Wants lasting transformation (you've done the online/weekend retreats but haven't seen lasting change)
    • Someone who benefits from having weekly support, accountability, structure and an advocate on her journey


    • Four sessions per month
    • Sessions in-person, phone or Skype
    • Introductory workbook
    • Three-hour launch session
    • Three-hour session at 3-months
    • Clarifying your short term and long term visions
    • Clearing limiting beliefs and self sabotage
    • Reconnecting with your true self, purpose, and how to cultivate that on a daily basis
    • Healing on emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual levels
    • Changing old and limiting habits, patterns and behaviors
    • Email support for six months between sessions
    • Breathwork session once a month
    • Complimentary attendance to circle, workshops, and classes

    Schedule a discovery call to see if this is the best option for you.


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    six-month 1:1 coaching

    I have really positive experiences with Gwen's Coaching and Breathwork and taking my work and life to the next level. I have been telling all of my friends and followers about it. Thank you Gwen!

    - Lee Tilghman, Founder & Blogger @leefromamerica, Los Angeles, CA


    I’m so happy to report that since starting to work with Gwen, my husband and I have manifested monetary checks after setting the intention to receive money, I was accepted into a Dream Academy to pitch my product after setting the intention to have support with my business, and my husband and I signed a contract to expand his business after setting the intention to expand his profession and income. I am so grateful to myself, God and Gwen for this experience and growth!"

    - Kelley Williams, Founder & CEO @Curasalve, Washington DC


    mastery session

    gwen held a safe and sacred space. I came in feeling uncertain and blocked. I left vibrating, tingling and alive. i was more creative the following day than i have been in years. i am so grateful. 

    - Rianna Scipio, Founder Imagine Sober Living, Los Angeles, California


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    If you're ready to make a change, if you're ready to stop making excuses, if you're ready to take your life to the next level, if you want to create a life you love, if you want to work and live from a source that fulfills you .... then book a discovery call.

    During the call we will explore your biggest challenge, your biggest desire, what is holding you back and implement a plan for how to start moving forward. You will laugh. You will dig deep. You will to start to feel like the vibrant person that you are!