I see you…

You are smart, hard working, have a strong work ethic. You have created so many amazing things in your life but you are simultaneously feeling exhausted, uninspired, depleted.

You may have tried different reading books, taking classes, doing workshops but you keep coming back to that same feeling that something is off. You’re not certain what will help, who can help, how to ask for help, how to trust the help, or if you even need help.

Then you wonder if you are asking for too much since you have a good life. You might even feel guilty asking for more. But under it all, something keeps nudging you. You might feel a desire to know what that is, or maybe you already know what you need to do. But you’re equally afraid to change or leap into the unknown.

I feel you…

In the guiding and coaching, we will reconnect you with your desires and then remove all of the conscious, unconscious and energetic beliefs, judgments, blocks, wounds, traumas from this life time, your lineage, and beyond, that prevent you from experiencing all of your energy, presence, and love.

We create a strategy honoring your unique design versus making impulsive, drastic decisions or staying stuck in obligation and auto-pilot. We will activate your energy, embody and harness your feminine and masculine energy. You will begin honor your gifts and share them with others.

You’ll live from an infinite resource of spiritual and energetic life force. From this aligned space, relationships evolve in the loving, purpose enhances from inspiration, abundance has space to enter your life. Your external experience reflects your internal reality.

Now is the time…

When you invest what you want, learn your unique technology for transformation, and make the changes that support your intentions, you’ll have momentum and a blue print for the next time you want to up-level.

All of this evolution happens from more deeply being who you are, doing what you are meant to be doing, and energy, and having a soulful strategy for daily action and long term intentions.

My invitation is to invest in yourself and your life prior to waiting for something drastic to happen to force you into investing in yourself. However, if you find yourself at that cross road of illness or diagnosis, marital challenge or divorce, addiction or recovery, professional confusion or loss, financial difficulty or debt, now is the time.

What I’ve found is that many of us waited for something to happen to wake us up and ask the important questions - who am I, what is my purpose, how do I live out that purpose? My coaching clients come to me because they want to answer these questions, reclaim their energy, and transform the way they live before the external experience forces them to through illness, depression, anxiety, divorce, job or financial loss, death of a loved one.

Come sit with me…


What do you receive from coaching?

Sacred, nurturing space that is all for you

Safe place to ask questions, receive feedback and encouragement 

Discover and clarify your deepest desire and how to engage in it

Identify limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck or blocked

Create boundaries, balance and time to do what you love

Learn, practice and experience deep mastery on a daily basis

Move beyond fear, resistance, and your inner-glass ceiling

Feel more ease, authenticity, flow and freedom

Honor your body, embody all of your energy

Forgive, love and accept all of who you are

Own your confidence, efficiency and productivity  

Enhance edge, success and income

Listen, trust and follow your intuition

Laugh, play, and have fun



why make an investment in coaching?

I am going to be honest, I’ve probably invested over a hundred thousand dollar in my self discovery and my business.

It has been a lot of money and I would do it all over again. Why? Because I am happy. I feel peaceful. I know my purpose. I love my work and my life. This is priceless.

I have a lot of the clients come to me NOT feeling that way. They are unhappy, stressed, anxious, depressed, confused, purpose, constantly triggered by their life.

I have invested time and money between graduate school, coaching certifications, retreats, healer training, and hiring my own healers, coaches and mentors. I have healed limiting beliefs, and old pain that I thought I would take to my grave.

Investing in my self and my work makes me feel alive and expansive. I know the value of having someone with neutral perspective who is helping me every step of the way creates momentum. Momentum feeds commitment. Commitment feeds purpose. Purpose leads to love. Love brings peace. 

The men and women I work with know the value of investing in themselves. They ready to invest even if they are scared or feel like they don’t have the money. The women I work with are willing to do something different. They are open to the action and magic.

Are you?

What are the ways to ascend?


Individual guidance

Private coaching is a six-month commitment, and is ideal if you are moving through a major life transition:

  • Career change (promotion to executive, executive to entrepreneur, entrepreneur to the next level of business)

  • Relationship change (single to new relationship, breakups, separation, conscious uncoupling, divorce or death)

  • Physical healing (has tried all other forms of treatment and healing and ready to go to the next level of healing)

  • Geographical move (and wanting to create a new experience of life)

  • Answering the Quarter Life and Half Life questions (Who Am I, What Is My Purpose, How Do I Live My Purpose)

  • Wants lasting transformation (you've done the online/weekend retreats but haven't seen lasting change)

  • Someone who benefits from having weekly support, accountability, structure and an advocate on her journey


  • Four sessions per month

  • Sessions are in-person and phone

  • Introductory question workbook

  • Three-hour launch session

  • Three-hour session at 3-months

  • Clarifying your short term and long term visions

  • Clearing judgments, limiting beliefs, and self sabotage patterns

  • Reconnecting with your true self, purpose, and how to cultivate that on a daily basis

  • Healing on emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual levels

  • Changing old and limiting habits, patterns and behaviors

  • Email support for six months between sessions

  • Three private or virtual Breathwork sessions

  • Complimentary attendance to circle, workshops, and classes

  • Learning to work within the realms of spirit and light


rise Group Coaching

The RISE Group Coaching is a three-month program with weekly group calls and is ideal for:

  • Women who are starting their coaching journey, ready to CHANGE but don’t know where to START

  • You either avoid groups (being in the group helps you be seen) or thrive in groups (allows you to thrive)

  • Feel disconnected, defeated, tired or stuck (either consciously or unconsciously)

  • You want to learn all of the skills that I teach in my coaching, breathwork, and circles in a condensed version.

  • You are good at doing homework and thrive doing the work between sessions.

  • You’ve taken action but nothing is happening, or you gain momentum and fall back

  • You want to learn how to use your inner, external, energetics to RISE

  • You are ready to start transforming your life and you want to make an investment but need an option that is more aligned for where you are financially.


  • Virtual access from anywhere in the world

  • 8 high-achieving, smart, intuitive, empathic, conscious women

  • 3-months of weekly group coaching calls where you receive personal coaching support

  • Either one or three private sessions through the program

  • Experts who join the group calls to share additional healing modalities

  • Four modules that support you in mastery, grounding, nourishing, awakening and integrating

  • Four modules that guide you in how to master the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetics

  • Four modules that support you in connecting to the directions, elements, breathing, rituals, ceremonies, shamanic tools to rise

  • Monthly, group, virtual, Full Moon Breathwork sessions as well as New Moon Rituals

  • Access to my spiritual and energetic business course, The Matter of Business (TM)

If you are a current coaching client and would like to schedule one of your weekly sessions click below: 


coaching testimonials

Working with Gwen as my life coach has been the best investment I have ever made. My wife of 16 years says the same thing. Every area of my life has been improved through being coached by Gwen – my relationship to my wife and four children, my career, and my personal sense of self-respect, to name a few key ones. Her way is powerful, yet compassionate. She has empowered me to accept where I am in my life and take action to get the results I want. If you want something to change in your life in a real and lasting way, as you are supported unconditionally, call Gwen.

- Jason Amoroso | Director Professional Development San Diego Padres

My time with Gwen was such a gift. When I began coaching I was questioning my career and was not speaking to my mom. By the end of our year together I had moved my mother to live closer to my family and I had my most successful year in sales and I enjoyed it. She gracefully shepherded me through the storm with her steady hand and loving presence. Give yourself the gift of Gwen.

- Sara Reichling | Bryant Reichling Real Estate, Compass Brokerage, Los Angeles, CA

I had really positive experiences with Gwen taking my work and life to the next level. I have been telling all of my friends and followers about it. Thank you Gwen!

- Lee Tilghman, Founder & Blogger @leefromamerica, Los Angeles, CA

I’m so happy to report that since starting to work with Gwen, my ideas have transitioned from conception to production to operation. my husband’s business has also elevated since i started coaching with gwen. our physical family also multiplied and welcome another baby. the coaching supported my mindset, emotions, physical body, and spiritual connection. I am so grateful to myself, God, and Gwen for this experience and growth!

- Kelley Williams, Founder & CEO @Curasalve, Washington DC

Gwen led me to push pause on the chaotic nature of my life and the constant negative chatter in my head. She helped me breathe more fully again and lessen my anxiety. Gwen was patient and caring, two very important pieces I was desperately lacking in my own self-care. Working with her was my stepping stone in being guided back inward and to not only look, but listen to my heart. 

- Suzanne Fazalare | Talent Acquisition Specialist, Thousand Oaks, CA


for more testimonials visit here

If you're ready to make a change, if you're ready to take your life to the next level, if you want to reclaim your energy, work, and life, if you want to work and live from a source that fulfills you .... then book a discovery call.

During the call we will explore your biggest challenge, your biggest desire, what is holding you back and implement a plan for how to start moving forward. You will laugh. You will dig deep. You will to start to feel like the vibrant person that you are!