Starting your path to self-love

Fantastic! Your are ready to begin your self-love journey.  You have been wondering how to improve self-love and how to love yourself more… well now it’s time to learn.

Every journey have a starting point and this is yours.

I want you to ask yourself 1 question:  What part of you or your life do you want to bring more self-love to?

Here's where the word "challenge" comes into play!  Below are a few steps for you to go through to gain clarity on the areas in your life that you want to love yourself more.  Don’t worry, there is no wrong answer, you may choose to focus on a specific area or how to improve self love in general.

1. Attuning -

I am going to challenge you to really attune to ONE theme, ONE quality, or ONE area of your life that you'd like to experience more self-love. If you are having trouble choosing where to put your focus, try the exercise below...

Take a moment now to close your eyes. (I promise this won't take long). With your eyes closed, place your hand on your heart. I want you to take three breaths this way - - inhale over the count of 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and exhale over 8 seconds. If you need to count out loud to bring yourself into the present moment, into your body, into your inner wisdom and intuition, then do it! After you breathe, ask yourself, "what ONE thing do I want at the end of these seven days?"  

Write your answer down.

2. Visualizing -

Now I am going to challenge you to visualize what it would look like if there was "self-love" in that ONE part of your life. Here's an exercise to support you in tapping into that vision...

Take another moment (I promise, this won't take long either). Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, take three breaths that same way, attune to your heart. Ask your heart to show you, what does it look like to love myself more in that ONE part of my life. What are the smells, tastes, feels, sounds, sights associated with it. Keep visualizing until you can feel it in your body.

3. Integrating -

If you want to learn how to improve self love even more let’s take your visualization one step further. Tons of research has been done to show that our brain and body do not know the difference between visualizing something and it occuring in “real life...” thus the power of visualization. Research also shows that when we take a concept from our head and put it onto paper, it enhances and confirms the concept even more. So...

  1. Get your phone.

  2. Open the voice recorder on it.

  3. Press record.

  4. Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, breathe the same way as above three times, then say OUT LOUD exactly how this vision looks, smells, tastes, feels, sounds.

  5. Get specific.

  6. Document the details.

  7. Visualize and say it until you feel it in your bones.

When you are done, open your eyes, stop the recorder, then write the words you just said down on a sheet of paper. Read this outloud everyday throughout the course. If you'd like, you can share it in the group!  Join the Facebook group here.

Next Step… Day 1:  Your course begins in 2 days.  This time gives your visualizations and desires for the self-love course to take root.

Things may come up throughout your coursework that are challenging but don’t forget, you have a community behind you, willing to give your support. And remember, you are strong and dedicated to loving yourself… that is a powerful thing.  This is your first step in learning how to love yourself more. Imagine where you will be at the end of the challenge.