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Sky Ting, Brooklyn NY Breathwork with Gwen

  • Sky Ting Brooklyn (map)

Join Gwen Dittmar for a Breathwork Women’s Circle. In this two-hour workshop Gwen will share how we can use our breath to embody our fullest potential. Breathwork is an active, three-part breathing technique that allows individuals to make transformative decisions from the heart, and put them into action with clarity and purpose. While some meditation practices keep the participant in their head and observing their thoughts, Breathwork allows you bypass the thinking mind and dive into your body and heart for answers.

In this workshop Gwen will create a sacred space through ancient rituals from the Shamanic tradition, using Palo Santo and Sage as energy cleansers; with an overview of how to use the directions (east, south, west and north), the elements (fire, air, water, earth), as well as the spirit animals associated with each direction and element, to create a sacred space. Gwen will provide an overview of Breathwork, and share her own journey with Breathwork. Participants will then lie on the floor and actively breathe while music is played and Gwen coaches the group. After a 10-minute meditation, participants will return to the circle for group sharing, Q&A and intention setting, to move forward from an embodied and elevated space. Gwen closes the circle with gratitude. Participants leave feeling connected, empowered, peaceful and calm; inspired from within to put their intention into action.

Breathwork benefits can include: relief from stress, depression, anxiety, release of fear, anger, blocks or tension. This technique allows the practitioner to open to a natural state of peace, calm, gratitude, clarity and connection, in order to experience more grace and flow.

As a coach, teacher and guide, Gwen cultivates space for her clients to wake up, remember who they are, trust their intuition and navigate change through practical and spiritual techniques. Open to all. $45 

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