“I am upset because…” and Working with your inner child

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Have you ever noticed yourself getting angry or scared, feeling insecure or alone?

What I’ve learned is that almost 99% of the time it’s not really you who is getting triggered, it’s a younger part inside of you that is feeling upset, sad, afraid, alone, nervous, left out, unloved.

So instead of forcing yourself to push through it, fix it, or blame it on someone else’s behavior (insert husband, parents, siblings, children, schools, vendors, etc), pause and check in on that younger one.

What is she feeling? What does she need? How can you give that to her now.

Then consider how much she needed back then and how often to do you connect with her now? Do you play with her? Do you talk with her? Do you listen to her? Do you validate her? Love her?

This is often times why we get so much joy being around or watching babies and kids. It allows us to connect, heal, love those parts of ourselves.

Often times in coaching sessions that is who we are working with, the little ones inside of us.

Because once those younger ones feel heard, understood, seem, loved, whatever challenge you were originally having lightens and is much easier to process and move forward.

I have creates a process that will allow you to connect with that little one inside and work with her to find the source of the upset and ultimately begin healing it.

You may use this process anytime you find yourself in upset, sadness, or any other negative emotion.

Start working with your inner child