Day 6: Slowing Down to RISE - Part 2

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What did you find in yesterday's homework?

What did you realize that needs to change?

What did it bring up... fear, relief, both, neither?

The exercise for today is simple yet profound. One of my clients did this exercise and had amazing results that resulted in shifting her world to allow more space for Self-Love.  From there she was able to begin building the life she truly desired.


Here's what happened...

All she wanted was to stop working so much. What she learned in doing the exercise is that going-going-going was a reflection of how she loved herself. Going-going-going... she never made time for her.

What she wanted instead was one day each week where she was doing administrative and household tasks, one day where she was outside hiking and adventuring, and one day at home where she was cooking and reading leaving the remaining four days for work. Immediately things started to shift...

When she shared her ideal schedule, she started crying. What she realized in that moment was that this CAN be her life, all she needed to do was choose it and by doing this she was choosing herself. The next day she quit one job and asked the second for a raise. And guess what, they gave it to her. That is what you are doing today… taking action to create SPACE for YOU to RISE in your Self-Love and create the life of your dreams.


Set a timer for 5 minutes.

Focus on your breathing in and out, in and out.

Center yourself on the following question:

What is ONE thing can you do to create more SPACE in YOUR life for more Self-Love?

When you feel clear in your response to the question, write it down for yourself.

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 Accountability is important so I am requesting that you share your ideal as well as what you came up with in our Facebook Group. This is especially important if you sometimes have challenges following-through on to-dos for yourself. It’s another way for you to show up for yourself and express self-love.

I have the chills running up and down my body as I type this because I feel the power of this process and am excited to read about your experience.

Take some time to write in a journal about your experience doing this exercise. What did you learn? How was it useful? What is your intention moving forward?

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 Actions for moving forward

Anytime you feel overwhelmed or unhappy with some aspect of your life return to this process.  You will find that centering your focus on yourself will allow for ways to express your self-love to come forward naturally.  You will find that you intuition gets stronger and that you already know the steps to take to get you where you want to be.

Remember to post your learnings and insights on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #RiseIntoSelfLove. Also, don’t forget the wonderful Facebook community group here to support each other through the process.