Day 5: SLOW DOWN - Part 1

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Through the last four days we've raised our vibration and ignited our intuition through a new self-love exercise each day. Given that you now have a solid foundation, we will step into the most important part...slowing down in order to create the space to rise even more into self-love.

Time and Space

Our lives have so much going on that it is challenging to make the physical time or energetic space to create let alone maintain self-love.

In today's challenge we'll be taking a look at our schedules and daily choices, and learning to create spaciousness to answer how to love yourself.

Our culture can frequently lend itself to a lack mentality.  Often it feels as if there is not enough...

But, have you ever assessed how you spend the time you do have?


When you compare your Ideal Vision with an honest assessment of how you spend your time, you will start to become aware what aligns with your vision and what does not.

The next how to love yourself step will require a small dose of courage with a dash of change…

In today's course I want you to do the following:

  1. Take out a pen and piece of paper.

  2. Write down what you do, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

  3. Be honest with yourself about how much time you spend on each activity. If you have need clarity, take your sheet of paper with you throughout the day.

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  • How much time do you spend checking your email when you first wake up, scrolling through social media as you eat breakfast, listening to podcasts on the way to work, texting while waiting for your coffee?

  • Do you take breaks during the day to eat healthy meals, feel the fresh air, walk outside to allow your skin to absorb the sunshine, meditate and breathe, turn off the television, do something creative, read a book, do nothing and simply attune to your intuition and inner wisdom?

An interesting thing happens when we see on paper where we are spending our energy and how time spent, is simply a reflection of how loving and honoring we are to ourselves.


So when you go through this and you are learning how to love yourself, consider the following:

  • What could be shifted?

  • What could be deleted?

  • What could be reassessed?

  • How can your vision align with your reality? 

What if you were to experiment with these ideas over the rest of the challenge. Experiment with what it feels like to slow down and create more space for YOU and SELF-LOVE?


Awareness is half the battle. You may come to realize:

  • that you spend a lot of time spinning your wheels

  • that your the one in control of your time

  • that you have the ability to make choices to support your intentions


Take some time to write in a journal about your experience doing this exercise. What did you learn? How was it useful? What is your intention moving forward?

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Create your Ideal Vision

Now that you have more awareness of where you are and what’s not working and where you’d like to be, you are ready to create your Ideal Vision and clear the limiting thoughts that block you from experiencing it.

Actions for moving forward

Anytime you feel something is blocking you from accessing your intuition, take a moment to listen to this breathing exercise and realign with how to practice self-love that follows your own heart.

Remember to post your learnings and insights on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #RiseIntoSelfLove. Also, don’t forget the wonderful Facebook community group here to support each other through the process.