Ideal VisionS and limiting Thoughts


In order to experience your dream life, job, relationship, health, body, creativity, you first have to envision and feel it inside of you and release whatever is blocking you from having that be your reality. This exercise will support you in creating that mental, emotional, physical embodied experience.

There are very important keys to creating ideal visions and manifesting them. I have practiced these tools since a young age when overcoming disease into wellbeing, addiction into sobriety, single life into family life, corporate career into entrepreneurial success.

Get a piece of paper and pen

You’ll draw a heart in the middle of the paper. Inside the heart write, “I AM”. The rest of the page will integrate spokes coming out of the heart with your ideal visions on them. Read the instructions below before you start.

1. Make it Sacred 

I know this sounds corny but when you sit down to do this exercise you must hold it as a sacred act. If you do then it will treat you and your vision special. Light a candle, meditate to center yourself, say a prayer before you start, ask something greater than you to be with you and create through you. Ask your ego to step aside for an hour. If doing these exercises are really challenging for you then promise yourself a reward like a nap, time outside, after you finish.

2. Close Your Eyes

I've noticed that when my clients close their eyes before they write their ideal visions, they can see the image of what they desire and then write out that image in words. Breathe while you have your eyes closed. Bring your hand to your heart as you envision. How does it sound, look and feel? What is the smell, taste, touch? Research has shown that the same areas of the brain light up when thinking about doing an activity and actually doing the activity. By closing your eyes and seeing the visual in your mind makes it a reality in the brain and muscles.

3. Its About How You Feel

Manifesting your ideal experience comes from how connected you are to it, not necessarily knowing all the details. For example, if you are looking to create your ideal job, then you want to stay away from the title, the company, the resume, etc. Instead you want to focus on how you feel when you are in your ideal job. Who are you in the morning when you are in this ideal job? How do you feel as you wake up, engage in your morning routines, travel to the office? How do you feel about yourself, about your colleagues, about your managers, about the company, about the products or services? How do you feel when you are sitting, standing, participating in this ideal job? Write down your ideal experience from how it feels, versus the specifics about what it is. Same goes for if you envisioning your ideal relationship, home, finances, health, creativity, purpose, sobriety, pregnancy, etc. It is about who you are and how you feel inside of yourself. It is about how you relate to yourself, others and this thing you deeply desire, more so than the actual thing itself.

4. Clear the Blocks

Most clients get stuck when the judgmental voice inside starts telling them the ideal vision is unrealistic, it is not possible, who are they to have that big, bold and beautiful of an experience. I suggest having a second piece of paper nearby. Do not attempt to quiet or avoid that voice. Instead, tell it that you will write down what it is saying, in order to move past the block its creating, and then you will investigate it after you finish your ideal vision. Make a list of what it is saying and return to your vision. Or once all of the judgments and self-limiting statements are written, go through each one and forgive yourself for believing it is true. If it is hard for you to connect with forgiveness then close your eyes, place your hands on your heart and imagine that you are telling the child version of yourself those nasty things. Then shred the list, burn the list, bury it in the ground and let it decompose and allow the earth to compost it into something aligned and beautiful. That is usually when my clients shift, able to move forward and return to their vision.

4. Language is Key

Use "I" statements. Write in the present tense as if it is happening right now. Add imaginative language and details. Make sure you are using positive sense - claiming what you want versus what you don't want. For example, if you are speaking about your ideal body you'd want to say something like, "I am feeling light in my body, I am feeling safe and comfortable in my body, I am loving my body" versus, "I don't feel heavy and uncomfortable in my body". 

5. This Or Something Better

After you finish your ideal scene or vision board, write an affirmation at the bottom of saying "This or something better for the highest good". This way you are claiming what you want and you are also OPEN to something even better for the highest good.  Sometimes my ideal scenes have not happened exactly the way I envisioned them but I can see in retrospect they unfolded and manifested more divinely than I could have dreamed of at the time. 

6. Say It Out Loud

Last, is to say it out loud to another person, or a group of people, or me as your coach. Share it with someone that you trust. If you don't have anyone then look into your own eyes, and read it to your reflection in the mirror. Sharing it with yourself can be just as powerful as being witnessed by others. By verbally speaking the words you are claiming in a much bigger and bolder way. You are telling the universe this is your truth. Whenever I create visions from this place I usually see them manifesting and co-creating.

7. Have Fun

Above all else, enter a state of happiness and joy as you do this exercise. Maybe that means that you need to do it during your favorite time of the day, with a cup of tea, your favorite music playing, or a scent that reminds you of the most joyous time in your life. What we focus on grows. What we neglect dies. So, remember to read your vision everyday. Hold this vision as you would a living entity, and surround with love, joy and fun. It is from that space that what you embody inside of you grows outside of you.

With love, Gwen