Day 4: ignite your INTUITION - part 2


Over the last two days you have engaged in practices on how to practice self-love.  These practices include:

  1. Learning how to be mindful of what feels heavy and unaligned

  2. Practicing how to give heaviness a voice and befriend it

  3. Bathing heaviness with love and compassion to increase the space for self-love

  4. Raising our vibration through meditation and mantras

  5. Attuning to our intuition and building trust in it

It’s time to learn to breathe life into our intuition.  Taking the space for a deep breath creates space to reach a new level of inner guidance and truth.

Before you begin, make sure that you have quiet and uninterrupted space for 15 minutes.

To start you will focus on active breathing. The breathing exercise below will guide you in how to practice self-love through breath.

Once you complete the breathing exercise, take a minimum of 3 minutes to meditate on any ideas, thoughts, concerns that came forward for you. Then take a moment to write them down.

Untitled design-5.png

It is when you can quiet the mind that you can easily access your intuition and receive messages from yourself.

Take some time to write in a journal about your experience doing this exercise. What did you learn? How was it useful? What is your intention moving forward?


Actions for moving forward

Anytime you feel something is blocking you from accessing your intuition, take a moment to listen to this breathing exercise and realign with how to practice self-love that follows your own heart.

If you found this breathing exercise helpful, you may want to experience a full breathwork class.  To see upcoming classes and events click here. For a deeper dive, you may schedule a 1:1 virtual or in-person session here.