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"Core Values are a lighthouse that we can use to find our way back home"


No more riding the roller coaster of good and bad days. No more feeling big waves of elation, clarity and happiness followed by sudden drops of confusion and challenge. No more living a life that feels like a confusing maze. In this simple and effective 5-minute exercise, you'll gain clarity on your core values. It is when you realize your core values that your life feels more purposeful, aligned, joyful and clear. With Core Values you always have directions to come back home.

I've experienced lots of times in my life when I felt on purpose and in alignment. But there have also been times when I felt unsettled, unhappy and depressed. I used this Core Values exercise to get myself back to my center, to anchor myself in my deepest self.

The first time I completed a Core Values exercise was during my first coaching certification in 2007. I learned that through identifying our individual Core Values we can align our daily lives to them. The results are a happier, clearer, more peaceful, more fulfilled and more aligned way of being. 

On the flip side when we are confused and uncertain about our Core Values then engaging in work, relationships, health and daily tasks can be stressful and draining. When our actions are not aligned with our Core Values we feel exhausted, unfulfilled, out-of-balanced, confused, unhappy... the list goes on. 

I offer you this CORE VALUE WORKSHEET AND PRACTICE to support your own internal alignment. Download it and use it as often as you need to ground yourself in your own values.