What is Self-Love:

Self-Love is defined as “regard for one's own happiness and well-being.”

We often think that self-love is expressed through taking care of our bodies with physical exercise, eating well, yoga and meditation, reading spiritual books, and taking baths.

While all of those things are expressions of self-love, I connect with women every week, who are doing all of these things but still not feeling the way they want to inside about themselves. Why? Because despite all these acts of self-care, there’s still a voice inside that is unloving, unkind, judgmental. It sabotages, compares and despairs. So you get back into action. Read another book, do another exercise regimen, attend another workshop. The underlying belief is that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed.

I understand because I did it for years until I finally pushed the pause button, stopped “doing” and instead started “being” a different way with myself. What if nothing was wrong? What if I was enough just as I was?

I took myself through the same steps I’ve outlined in this course for you. In doing so, I returned to an inherent state of love. When I started being loving with myself, it poured into every other area of my life and this is why I created this course for you. So you can return to the truth of who you are at your core.

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What you will receive:

Your investment is invaluable. When you make a commitment with your intentionality and money, you are already making a big shift. The course investment is $22.00. You will receive:

  • Daily emails with videos, exercises, meditations, and breathing exercises  

  • Each day focuses on a different way to increase your self-love

  • How to raise your vibration

  • How to ignite your intuition

  • How to listen to yourself

  • How to empower yourself

You deserve authentic self-love:

My intention for this course is for you to return to the truth of who you are. My intention is for you to have access to efficient and profound tools for remembering that self-love is who you are. My intention is for everyone to have access to an authentic community that is on the journey every step of the way with you.

There are seven basic skills that are integral to experiencing self-love. My intention is for you to practice them, and embody them, master them. Because from that space of self-love, more love will organically permeate into the other areas of your life.

You deserve the life you desire, and this self-love course is intended to act as a launch pad for you to experience love, happiness and well-being. 

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$22.00 (On Sale from $49.99)

The 7-day course:

7 is a powerful number. There are 7 chakras. There are 7 days of the week. The number 7 also has significance in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Theosophy, as well as paganism. Some believe that the more 7's represent angelic support. In numerology the number 7 represents seeking, thinking and truth. This is symbolic of what happens within our minds, limiting beliefs, old stories and patterns AROUND LOVE that do not serve us anymore. We need to clear them in order to experience more love.

Join the community:

Join the course, join the community, engage in the the 7 day course, and repeat it as many times as you want over the course of 40 days. Share about your experiences with us in our community forum. It can be so inspiring to celebrate wins, a safe space to ask for and sharing resources. We also intend for this to be a sacred place to connect about the practical and mystical aspects of being a female entrepreneur and executive.

Next Steps:

  1. Register for the course below and follow the next steps.

  2. This self-love course is designed to support you in creating space for your true desires to come forward. Therefore, go into your phone right now, block off at least 30 minutes each day for the next 7 days. For those 30 minutes choose a space where you can be alone, and have quiet.

  3. Join the Facebook Community by clicking here. Wake Up & Rise is a community of high-achieving and spiritual female entrepreneurs and executives, who are shifting from auto-pilot and overwhelm into waking up and rising in consciousness.

  4. Introduce yourself to myself and the Wake Up & Rise community. Tell us about who are you, what lights you up, what are you intending for this course and for your life.

Love Yourself_ The Course - Product Image.png

$22.00 (On Sale from $49.99)

Gwen’s coaching and breathwork has taken my work and my life to the next level. In addition, I have a sense of self-worth, self-love and inner peace I never knew was possible. Gwen’s tools are practical and life-changing.
— Lee Tilghman, Blogger and Health Advocate