Self-Care can often get lost in the immediacy of everyday life and take a back seat to your job, relationship, family, friends, etc. that usually monopolize your time.

It is also true that the idea of adding one more "task" to your day by incorporating a morning routine or Self-Care ritual can create even more pressure or stress. But what gets overlooked are the benefits these rituals have on your mind, heart, body, spirit, and energy. 

While Self-Care has been called by many other names such as morning rituals, personal care, self-love, self-help, empowerment, it all means the same thing… taking time out of the day to focus on you and your needs first and not just from free-form journaling, or rigorous exercise routines, but through a gentle, quick, and easy process that allows you to align on all levels of consciousness. 

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first, it means me too.
— L.R. Frost

The simple act of setting aside time for yourself impacts all the other areas of your life. How?

  • regulates your stress response system

  • lowers inflammation in your body

  • engages the pleasure center of your brain

  • supports a healthy guy environment

  • brings awareness to your mind

  • connects you to your body

  • celebrates your feelings

  • recharges your “battery”

  • and so much more

The Self-Care Checklist are designed to support you with a personalized, easy, and graceful ritual integrated into your everyday life. You can start with one or begin with both. Either way, you will feel more grounded, connected, and awake from your new perception and embodiment of Self-Care.

It is believed that a new practice becomes a habit in 21 days. So we've created a download for you to use, and feel like you have your own coach and healer in your corner. My private clients have been using this tool for over ten years and see profound results. I can't wait for you to experience it too. 

This Self-Care Checklist will assist you in cultivating nourishing daily rituals and routines to improve your life.

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.
— Jack Kornfield