Day 3: Ignite your INTUITION - Part 1

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During the next two days, you'll learn specific techniques on how to tap into your inner GPS and intuition to increase self-love.

When you trust your gut, you honor what is true for you and are showing yourself proof that you love yourself. Put another way, when you honor yourself, you make deposits into your self-trust account.

Don’t forget, intuition is a muscle...

We all have gut feelings, hunches, intuitions but we don't always follow them. Intuition can sometimes seem illogical. It can go against what we think we "should" do.  In fact, trusting your intuition can be uncomfortable if you are not familiar with it.

Over the next two days you'll get the opportunity to practice and strengthen the muscle of intuition to increase self-love.

Time to run an experiment...

Over the next two days you're going to collect data on all the decisions that you make throughout the day.

1. When you have a decision to make, take a PAUSE and breathe before you make a choice. You are going to take that moment to ATTUNE to what your gut is telling you, versus what your mind is saying.  It may take longer to quiet your mind in the beginning but you will find that it gets easier with practice.

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2. Next, write down the choices and how you FEEL when you pause and attune to each of the choices. Next, write down the choice you made. Last, document the outcome and reflect on whether it had the energy of the mind forcing it or the intuition of the gut nudging. Over time, I have learned that my intuition feels a certain way in my body, so when my body FEELS that way, I know I can trust it. You will learn this too.

3. Finally, call in support. This is a common thread in many different religions and spiritual practices. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate the extra support?

Here is how you can call for support:

When you pause and attune to the different choices (and how they feel in your body), ask whatever you believe in that is greater than you (the Universe, Spirit, God, Sunshine, Ocean, Nature, Love, your DOG) to assist you.  Ask that you be cleared and for clarity in your decision. Again, take your time. Learning to love yourself all the time is worth the effort.

Tomorrow I will be sharing another tip for enhancing intuition. Today focus on your 3 steps:

  1. Observe how you feel

  2. Collect your data

  3. Call for support

Take some time to write in a journal about your experience doing this exercise. What did you learn? How was it useful? What is your intention moving forward?

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Actions for moving forward

Anytime you have a choice to make, no matter how big or small, complete the steps above to connect to your intuition and consult your gut about making the choice that is best for you.