Day 1: Raise Your Vibration - Part 1

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Doubt, judgment, criticism, comparison, and fear cloud and block our energy from vibrating at full capacity. These self-deprecating behaviors keep you from achieving the level of self-love and feeling of self worth that you deserve.  They are a way in which your ego forces you to play small and not allow you to love yourself fully.

Bringing self-compassion and self-acceptance to the parts within that hold on to that negativity is an important step in improving your energy and opening ourselves to the growth possible. Here is the first of many self-love techniques that you will learn through this course.


Process to Raise Your Vibration:

1. Identify the Heaviness

2. Why Is It Heavy

3. Give it a Voice

4. Release


1. Identifying the Heaviness

In order to let go of heaviness we have to find what we are carrying around in our heart that is heavy.

Write down the one most prominent aspect about yourself that you'd like to change. It is the one thing that usually blocks you, stops you, gets in the way of your self-love.

Next, give it a name, a color or a visual. Does it have a red energy, does it look like a cartoon, is it an object?  Describe it in detail. Familiarize yourself with it. One intention of these self-love techniques is to force yourself to shine light on the darker areas. This step makes it harder for the heaviness to creep in without you noticing.

2. Why Is It Heavy?

When parts of ourselves are acting out, it’s similar to a toddler having a temper tantrum, or a kid that is acting out at school - even if they don't know it or say it, they want attention, they want love. Many parents have experienced this with their own children and a therapist friend once confirmed it for me - children would rather have negative attention (i.e. punishment for naughty behavior) versus no attention at all. So...

How can you bring LOVE to this part of you that usually gets labeled as bad, wrong, negative, awful? Because if we look at it with love, then the way it will engage with us changes.


3. Give It A Voice

Giving this part of you a voice can feel awkward at first, but there's so much freedom, peace and power that comes from having a dialogue with it. When we listen with loving ears, just as we would a child we love, or a friend who is special to us, we get to hear what it’s really trying to tell us. You can listen to all aspects of yourself with an open heart.

Take out a sheet of paper and start off by asking the voice to share with you what it wants and why it’s acting out. Give it a voice and see what it has to say. You can ask it why it's there, what it wants you to know, and any other question that comes to mind. Then let the voice write back to you.  

The key to this exercise is not fixing the problem that the voice is sharing with you. It is simply to listen with love.  Take as long as you need, the goal is greater self-love and a higher feeling of self worth… giving yourself the time you need to fully express yourself is showing self-love.

4. Release

Once this voice can be heard by you, notice what you feel in relation to it. Has the energy lightened? Is there less charge? Can you see that it’s not YOU who is heavy, but just an aspect or energy inside you that needed your attention and your loving ears.

Now that you feel more love and compassion towards this part of you (remember the distinction - it isn't YOU, it’s just an aspect of you), seeing it as a friend you love, you now we need to release the heaviness.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are holding this part of you. Give it a hug. Tell it, "I hear you, I love you, I am here for you. You are okay." Last, take three deep breaths and bathe yourself, your heart and this aspect of you with love then wrap it in a cocoon of white light.

Feel the heaviness lifting.  Pay attention to how light you feel when it is gone.  Feel all the extra space you know have to fill with self-love. 

To Summarize -

When we identify what's heavy, take the time to hear what it needs to say, listen to it with love, compassion and non-judgment, there's not much that we have to do to fix it or change it. We can apply this same process to all of the emotions that we feel.

The most important takeaway from this exercise is to remember that our emotions are not us. They are aspects of us. Who we are is whole, loving, worthy, and complete. Our emotions are simply energy moving through us that originates from thoughts created from our mind and not our heart.

Take some time to write in a journal about your experience doing this exercise. What did you learn? How was it useful? What is your intention moving forward?

Actions for moving forward

Anytime you feel heavy, complete the steps above to return to a more peaceful place full of feelings of self worth and self-love.