DayBreak and Dusk photography

DayBreak and Dusk photography

The new moon is all about darkness, going within, being introspective, setting intentions for the two weeks leading up to the full moon. In the darkness of the night sky, as in the darkness of the soil, we plant seeds during the new moon and watch our plans come to fruition.

As modern women, living in a fast paced culture, we have lost touch with the sacredness of the lunar cycle and our menstrual cycle, and all of the wisdom both can provide for us. In ancient times women gathered at the new and full moons to learn more about their inner self, their menstrual cycle, bring the lunar energy into alignment with their human life.

Moon circles are gaining traction for modern day women because we are realizing that we are not the same woman each week of the month. We have different dietary, exercise, emotional needs during each week of our cycle. Sitting in moon circles each month empowers women to align their financial and business decisions, as well as personal decisions from an empowered place in alignment with the energy of their cycle. 

In sum - we harness power from our varying physical and emotional sensations we get from our menstrual cycle to HELP and SUPPORT our businesses, bodies, relationships and money. 

Through reviewing excerpts from books about the modern day woman, as well as ancient meditations, prayers, intention setting and aligning your intentions with your inner Goddess, women who attend the circles share that they leave having: 

  • Empowerment

  • Trust in themselves

  • Inspiration for the week ahead

  • Space and safety to share their personal and professional lives

  • Spiritual connection and fulfillment

  • Peace and calm

  • Make the most of their monthly cycle 

  • Synced their cycle with the rhythm of the moon 

  • And lots more!


what i love about the moon circles - everyone is honest, straight up and truthful. its simple. women sitting together and sharing their truth. being loved by other women they don't even know. its supportive and encouraging. 

- Kelli, Los Angeles, California



Dates for Upcoming New Moon Circles: 

Nov 19, Dec 17


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