DayBreak and Dusk photography

DayBreak and Dusk photography

The new moon is all about darkness, going within, being introspective, setting intentions for the two weeks leading up to the full moon. In the darkness of the night sky, as in the darkness of the soil, we plant seeds during the new moon and watch our plans come to fruition.

As modern women, living in a fast paced culture, we have lost touch with the sacredness of the lunar cycle and our menstrual cycle, and all of the wisdom both can provide for us. In ancient times women gathered at the new and full moons to learn more about their inner self, their menstrual cycle, bring the lunar energy into alignment with their human life.

Moon circles are gaining traction for modern women because, although we force ourselves to do it all both personally and professionally, we are realizing that we are not the same woman each week of the month. We have different dietary, exercise, emotional needs during each week of our cycle. Sitting in moon circles each month empowers women to align their financial and business decisions, as well as personal decisions from an empowered place in alignment with the energy of their cycle. 

In sum - we harness power from our varying physical and emotional sensations we get from our menstrual cycle to help and support our bodies, businesses, money and relationships. 

In the circles we will connect with our bodies and the moon through shamanic rituals, prayer and meditation, astrological insights, inner Goddess work, and intention setting. Then we integrate our intentions into our body and heart through active breathwork.  

Women leave the circles feeling empowered, peaceful, calm, connected to their body, intuition and inspired for the weeks ahead. 


Dates for upcoming new moon circles 2019:

January 6, February 3, March 6


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Thank you for yesterday's full moon circle. I got SO much out of the breathwork and already feel lighter than I had the day before. You are seriously doing some great stuff. I feel so incredibly grateful to be part of these amazing circles you facilitate. 

Sarah Paiement, Reiki Healer, Los Angeles, California


It’s such an incredible feeling to be in a roomful of beautiful, vulnerable, powerful women. There is nothing else quite like it. The way you hold space is a true gift for us all. I have come three times and i am signed up for the next two circles. I see proof in my life that I am moving through old energy and manifesting my intentions.

Amy Schafer, Self Employed, Los Angeles, California


I had a really amazing experience at the New Moon Circle. I connected to a deeper part of myself and got a very clear message from a Higher Power about an important conversation I needed to have. I felt so empowered by the clarity and I finally found the courage to have the conversation. The result was so freeing and empowering. in the weeks following the circle a dream job manifested and i've since been promoted. Thank you for helping guide me to this place of a higher Spiritual connection and tuning in to my own truth. 

Taylor Dahl, Teacher, Musician, Los Angeles, California

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The moon circles are such a sacred and special thing. The feeling you get from attending is like nothing else, almost like medicine for the soul.

- Jennifer Jaden, Founder of #societygal, Los Angeles, California


It is so hard to put into words because gwen is magical. i am Thankful for all she has done for me. I have applied every tip, tool, book she suggested and notice such a huge difference in my energy. I feel awake for the first time in my life.

the moon circles are One of most powerful experiences you will ever have! The only word to describe it is pure Magic. Gwen’s Moon Circles has literally transformed my life. She created such a beautiful space full of healing, safety, love, support and BREATH WORK! If you want your mind blown, do Gwen’s Breath Work. After each Moon Circle, I feel my soul energized and refreshed. I am forever grateful to Gwen for opening my eyes, helping me rise and gathering the support of like-minded women. We all need a village, and I am so grateful to have found one with Gwen’s Moon Circles. 

- Susan Peterson, Teacher, Los Angeles, California  


the moon circle is powerful! I’m in awe of what manifested from my intention in the moon circle - to connect with the women in my family.  I thought it would be through my mom’s side and spirit had another direction. After 25 years estranged from my father's side of the family, my uncle and niece found reconnected with me this past week.  i learned about my grandmother and great grandmother, and my niece and I are kindred spirits - it is as if we have known each other all our lives. I am now planning a trip to visit both of them in Mexico, just as I had intended in our breathwork session. i Can’t wait for the next moon circle. Thank you for your support on my path. 

- Rebecca Figueroa, Director of Brokerage Operations, Long Beach, California


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Gwen's circle was such an enlightening experience to share with other amazing women. I worked through mental boundaries that had been holding me back. I woke up the next day feeling mentally clear and energetically lighter that I have felt in years. The Goddess energy in the circle was so relevant that it brought me to tears. I look forward to the next circle. 

- Caggie Dunlop, Actress & Singer, Los Angeles and London


i love coming to the moon circles each month. the women gwen attracts are honest, vulnerable, truthful and inspiring. what i get from the circles impacts my daily life - women share their truth, are loved, supported and encouraged by one another. 

- Kelli Barksdale Johnson, Stunt Woman, Los Angeles, California


Each Moon Circle includes: 

Opening meditation, intention setting, astrological insights, how to harness your menstrual cycle, journaling exercise, invoking the goddesses, active Breathwork, restorative meditation, closing questions and answers and giving gratitude.