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The full moon illuminates and reveals to us what was in the dark during the new moon. This is a time where we reap the results of the intentions that we set during the new moon, and it shows us the next moves, and with clear vision, what we need to let go of because it no longer serves us. 

In ancient times women gathered at the new and full moons to connect with themselves, to grow and learn from other women, to harness the power of their monthly cycles and mastery of the different emotions they experience each week during the month, because as women we aren't the same week to week because of our hormonal shifts. We have times when we are in reflection, intention setting and creating plans, and taking bold action. 

In the full moon circle, will connect with our bodies and the moon through shamanic rituals, prayer and meditation, intention setting and releasing ceremonies. Women who have attended the circles regularly share the following as a result of participating: 

  • Feeling inspired

  • Feeling balanced inside

  • Feeling connected to other women

  • Respect and insight into their menstrual cycles

  • Clarity for their work, businesses and relationships

  • Synced their cycle with the rhythm of the moon 

In the two weeks after the full moon, the moon recedes into shadows, and its a good time to process with what came up, clean up loose ends, and prepare to for what intentions will be set in the next new moon.

The moon cycles move in six-month astrological cycles. For instance, the October Libra new moon links to the April Libra full moon. So you can set specific intentions at a new moon, based on the energies of that zodiac sign, and watch them unfold in the coming half-year. 

This is why women love coming to the new and full moon circles, as well as committing to six-month increments, because they move through a full cycle and can see how much we align with the six-month intervals without even realizing it. 


what a wonderful evening. i am thankful for gwen sharing the magic of the moon with me last night and i will definitely bring a friend next time. i am still glowing from the moon circle several days later and i am so grateful because my back pain totally dissolved and disappeared! HOW amazing!

- Becky Boise, Los Angeles, California


I attended my very first full moon circle and I had no idea what to expect. sitting by the fire with other women, a few I was just meeting for the first time, andI really loved it. there is something special about women/mamas/sisters coming together in honor of the moon to release what no longer serves us. We also took time to breath in all the love and make mention of the things we are grateful for. The experience was healing and powerful!  I am so glad I was able to participate and I look forward to attending more in the future! Thank you Gwen for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful gathering.

Laura Luna, Los Angeles, California


full moon circles are OPEN

Dates for upcoming Full Moon Circles: 

 Dec 3


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