Having a Healthy Relationship with Money

How do you show up in your most cherished relationship? Do you connect with that person everyday? Do you make time for them? Are you present or distracted when you are with them? Do you love, value, and respect them?

Now consider your relationship with money? Do you connect with it everyday? Do you make time for it? Are you present to what you want from it, and what it wants from you?

You and your money are in a relationship. What kind of relationship do you have? Is it challenged, resistant, stubborn, fearful?

Most of the time whats creates a challenged relationship is vagueness, unclear agreements, expectations, unconscious projections. Vagueness creates anxiety.

So the antidote to vagueness is clarity. Clarity creates calm. One of the common reasons I have felt anxious around money is because I was being vague, unclear, and unprepared.

So, even if it feels awful to look at what’s not working in your money, I promise if you bring it an honest eye, you’ll start to feel some of the calm from the clarity. Here’s where to start:
The esoteric approach:

  1. Inner

    Discover and discard the loaded energy, emotions, stories, beliefs you have around money.

    What did you hear growing up about money? How did you relate to money when you were a teenager, a young adult, now? What old beliefs are you ready to update? This is known as the mental level of healing around money.

    Then you’ll want to notice how you feel about money. Feelings primarily stem from our thoughts. Now that you are aware of your thoughts, how do they make you feel? Where do you feel this in your body? Follow along with my Breathwork meditation here to clear this out of the emotional level of consciousness around money.

    Next, you’ll want to go through the energetic level of consciousness around money. Go to my EFT article here to clear these old beliefs out of your energetic body at a cellular level and reprogram with updated beliefs.

  2. Outer

    Based on what you are thinking and feeling and holding, now consider what you are projecting out into the Universe and what you are receiving back?

    What energy are you projecting out into the Universe about money? Are you in scarcity and receiving lack? Are you in not enough and never having enough? Are you in abundance and receiving abundance?

    Remember, people are animals and can sense your energy about money underneath your words and actions. There is a symbiotic energy between our inner and our outer. This is a great Kundalini kriya for prosperity. This is a wonderful mantra for abundance here. This is one of my favorite meditations for wealth. I also love my coaching client’s chakra meditation challenge which will clear up any debris preventing flow of abundance in the lower chakras and expressing out through your hands, heart, and eyes.

  3. Ownership

    You have a choice on what you believe, what stories you tell yourself, and how you behave and act. Write down notes of affirmation, reminders on post it notes, and pause through the day to remember how you choose to own your life and your money. Make choices that support ownership, empowerment, self honor.

For the tangible approach:

  1. Budget

    Check in with yourself. Do you have a budget? Do you know what money you bring into your life? Do you know what money you spend and what is going out?

  2. Tracking

    Are you tracking your money? Do you have a goal for what you’d like to save, invest? Are you doing that on a consistent basis, even if its not as much as you want it to be or think it should be?

  3. Accountability

    Do you have accountability for money? Do you have anyone supporting you? This can be so helpful especially if it is an area of your life that might not come naturally to you.

    Athletes, artists, actors, musicians all have endurance, mindset, expression, instrument, and voice coaches. Why would you be any different as you learn a new habit? Allow receiving support to be okay.

Overall, having a healthy relationship with money means being present, communicative, and devoted to it as an expression that allows you to love, create, serve and share the light of who you are with the world. When you are in a healthy relationship with money, giving and receiving and exchanging, you will have more space to RISE.