The Energetics of Money and Exchange

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and receiving my newsletters you’ll notice that I’ve been talking about exchange, time, money and relationships. So, what is this thing called exchange and how do we use exchange to call in more money?  


Over the years of personal development and coaching I’ve learned lots of techniques on how to “call in” or “manifest” more money. One of the reasons that I wasn’t able to “manifest” money, or if I did, it only hit a certain level, or if it did, it only lasted for so long is because I wasn’t getting to the core of the money challenges.


My understanding of true and sustained change is that it happens when I build it upon a deep healing and new foundation. Just as in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we must heal the survival and have safety, build a foundation of esteem, before we can move into the realms of love and actualization where “manifestation” happens.


So here are the three steps that I encourage when clients come to me with money challenges.


1.     Clearing the old beliefs, stories, wounds, familial patterns around money


Money is one of the most triggering topics for most people. We are in a hypnotic state from the ages of 0-4 years old, meaning we absorb everything in our environment and program it as the truth.


Money brings up unresolved wounds from childhood, ingrained belief systems from childhood, patterns that we unconsciously learned from our parents. Money offers deep healing and spiritual evolution.


We must heal these wounds and family patterns, release limiting beliefs and stories, before we can create new ones that align for who we are. My favorite ways to heal these wounds and patterns include Breathwork, Gestalt, and EFT.


If you haven’t experienced Breathwork you can sign up for a session here. Breathwork will clear out the energy of the money wounds and beliefs. Breathwork is great at any stage of healing – the beginning, middle or end.


I have an article on Gestalt and how to have honest and loving conversations with aspects of yourself, including your fears, wounds, painful memories around money. Often times it’s the younger one inside of us who needs someone to talk to, and to feel understood, heard and seen. The seeing and understand is the healing. Once we feel heal heard then the external experience and willingness to move into fearful or daunting financial tasks is easier. Gestalt is great to also use at any stage of healing.


If you haven’t used Emotional Freedom Technique, you can learn more by watching my EFT Guideline video. I also highly recommend the book, Tapping into Wealth. I find EFT to be most useful when you have some understanding of your money wounds and beliefs and best to do after Gestalt and, or, Breathwork.


2.     Bringing love and respect into daily actions with money



I learned that money is like any other relationship in my life. I have to bring love, respect, communication and presence to it on a daily basis, so that my money brings me love, respect and presence. How to do this is to include rituals around money into your morning and, or, evening routines.


When I shifted from having a vague relationship with money to have a daily relationship with money everything shifted. The key is to keep that daily reprieve alive, and also finding accountability and support with the tasks that feel scarier and harder.


Bring a daily ritual into your morning and evening rituals that you incorporate for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual maintenance. I like to do my morning rituals, followed by physical exercise, followed by financial exercise. I look at each of the accounts where my money is energetically being held. I send love and appreciation to it. If there are any self-forgiveness I need to make about money spent or received, as well as any amends I need to make with my money. Last is to be affirmative and intentional about the money vortex I am choosing to enter, and any affirmations to support that vision.



Love is the highest form of vibration, so bring love, respect, appreciation to your money and to your resources of money exchange.


3.     Expanding awareness and growth with money


It’s imperative to be connected to the energy of money. Money is simply a form of exchange. It comes from a client and goes to a vendor that I use to live, then it goes from the vendor to the vendor they use to operate, then is goes from that vendor to the individual that owns the vendor to pay for what they need in order to live. We are all a big circle of exchange, and the vehicle for exchange is money.


In order to expand and grow exchange I like to expand and grow within awareness of the exchange and with the elements of Nature and Spirit which are the embodiment of expansion and the infinite.


I engage in rituals and ceremonies as I launch new projects, send out newsletters, work with new clients. I offer blessings to the earth (sage, rose petals, tea leaves, other dried herbs and wood shavings) to symbolize the abundance and blessings that I receive and that I want to give.

Exchange is giving and receiving. When we are conscious of every exchange of money giving and receiving we bring Spirit and Source in and our money gets to reside in that state.


I love the books The Energy of Money and The Soul of Money for expanding your consciousness around the real energy of finances.


I’d love to hear from you and if you have additional practices and rituals with money and exchange.