How to Energetically Protect Yourself In Toxic Work Situations


My blog posts generally come from questions that my coaching clients ask me through the time when we work together. I receive a lot of questions from clients who are still working in a career or job that they don’t like, but haven’t full transitioned out of yet. This puts clients in an challenging position, that is similar to when you are still living with someone even after you’ve separated, divorced, or broken up. It is clear that there’s nothing left, but you are still there until you can find a new place for yourself. So, how do you stay happy, focused, and energetically protected in a job that you hate, do not enjoy doing, and could even be a toxic?

1. First step is before you go to work each day.

Remind yourself on a daily basis, every morning of your WHY. Why are you still in this job? Is it providing the benefits, the safety, the security, while you look for a new job, or while you build your heartfelt business? What other aspects do you enjoy about the job? What are you grateful for? I also recommend setting your intentions for the day, creating a mantra for the day, asking that energy that is greater than you to support you for the day.

2. Second step is while you are at work each day.

When you feel triggered by a manager, coworker or client, pause and breathe. I know it is easier said than done, but I have been in this exact situation and discovered breathing techniques really helped me stay centered, grounded in my intention, and reset my energy and focus.

Next, when you feel triggered ask yourself, what is this situation teaching me? What can I learn from this? How will this help others? By shifting your mindset from victim to owner, you will shift your energy from things happening to you to gaining from things happening.

3. Third step is after you leave work each day.

I would suggest when you leave your office that you free form write in the car. This means you have loose paper, you write your stream of consciousness without any need to form sentences, punctuation, etc. Then once you get home, leave a little clay pot outside of your house. Burn the papers and imagine the smoke taking away the energy, and Mother Earth composting it for you. 

Sage yourself, or use Palo Santo, before you go into your home. Imagine the day being lifted in the smoke. Watch the smoke and the day drift away into the nothingness from which it originally came.

Take off your shoes upon entering your home. Leave the energy of the workplace, the outside world, and the day outside of your home. Only sacred energy in the home.

Wash your hands. This cleanses your hands, which are completely engaged in the energy of the workplace, separation. Again, the focus is on how to leave work at work.

Next remove your clothes. Shifting the energy of work clothes is another layer of leaving work at work and allowing home to be a sacred place to recharge.

Last, Take an Epsom salt bath for 5-20 mins. While you are in the bath process the mental chatter or emotions. For mental chatter, identify the judgments, offer self-forgiveness, remind yourself of the truth, and then move into gratitude. It would look like this: 

I am judging X as X. 

I am judging myself as X. 

I am judging situation X as X. 

I am buying into the belief that X. 

I forgive myself for judging X as X.  

I forgive myself for judging myself as X. 

I forgive myself for judging situation X as X. 

I forgive myself for buying into the belief that X. 

The truth is...

The truth is...

The truth is...

I am grateful for...

I appreciate myself for...

My intention is to...

Remember, when you are transitioning everything feels ungrounded. By engaging in these rituals you create grounding for yourself to be centered. When you are centered you thrive. Use the experience as an opportunity to grow, learn, and rise in consciousness.

As you are using rising in consciousness, you are learning how to live a new way. Be gentle and kind to yourself. It might feel uncomfortable at times. If there are emotions present, process them in the bath. Give the emotion a voice, let them talk to you, and listen as lovingly to those emotions as you would to your children, your pet, your favorite friends. Rinse and repeat.

I’d love to hear from you and if these rituals are helpful while transitioning.

With love, Gwen