Breathing Technique to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most discussed topics in coaching sessions. Where does it stem from? How can we move through?

As with most obstacles and challenges, we can often want to fix them. Instead, true, sustainable change and transformation from obstacles and challenges comes through understanding and healing the core issue. We can fix the challenge, or we can heal it. My method of coaching centers on healing.

Procrastination can stem from many sources, such as fear of failure, excessive perfectionism, low energy levels, and lack of focus. So, where does fear of failure and perfectionism come from? At the core is our inherent worth, shame, guilt, and lovability.

When we feel worthy of easy and good outcomes, we set ourselves up to succeed with structure, planning, and completing tasks on time. When we do not feel worthy of support and success, we set ourselves up to fail with vague goals, strategy to achieve those goals, timelines for those goals and actions to support goal completion. Most of the procrastination that I support clients in healing, and that I also had to heal, is going to the core of worthiness and releasing shame, guilt and unconscious unlovability. My favorite way of overcoming procrastination is by going straight to the source with Breathwork.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a broad term that encompasses many different lineages, techniques, and healing, similar to the many forms and lineages of yoga and meditation.

From my experience of studying, researching, and practicing many forms of Breathwork, I like to explain that Breathwork falls into one of two categories. There are Breathwork techniques and Breathwork healing. Breathwork techniques are practical, can be accessed in the moment, and applicable to everyday living and life, whereas Breathwork healings are a deeper dive into clearing and opening, and often require a trained facilitator and/or sacred container in order to access the profundity.


What are Breathwork techniques?

Breathwork techniques are practical and applicable to everyday living and life and can usually be practiced in a short span of time and used as a relaxation, reset, or refocus button for your human vehicle.

Box breathing, which involves inhaling for 4 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, exhaling for 4 seconds, and holding for 4 seconds, and is often used by Navy Seals to stay calm and focused simultaneously as noted here in Time Magazine.

What are Breathwork healings?

Breathwork healings are a deeper dive into clearing and opening, and often require a facilitator and/or sacred container in order to access the profundity.

I have experienced a myriad of techniques and healing, but the 3-part Breathwork is the most efficient, effective and profound healing that I have encountered. It only requires 5-25 minutes of active breathing, laying down, followed by 3-10 minutes of restorative meditation. It is a simple yet profound, three-part, breathing that becomes a rhythmic flow of inhaling through the mouth and expanding the belly, inhaling through the mouth and expanding the chest, and then exhaling through the mouth and repeating for 5-25 minutes. The reason the breathing happens all through the mouth in this healing is because spiritually and energetically the mouth is connected to the heart, whereas nostril breathing activates the mind.

The benefit of opening the heart versus the mind is because in our modern culture, there is an excess of living in the mind and ego. Obsessive thinking, mental chatter, analyzing and fixing drains our life force, pushes against access universal energy, therefore leaving leaves individuals feeling powerless, helpless, hopeless, or depressed, anxious. When humans feel powerless they attempt to 1) check out, numb out, quiet the mind, or 2) regain their power, or 3) both. This Breathwork healing allows both to happen simultaneously, without processing, forcing, or talking. Clients feel freedom in bypassing their mind and feeling clarity come from their body and breath, similar to how going for a walk, being in nature resets your nervous system. Why? Because when you are engaging in those activities you are connected to nature, to source, which both are a form of universal exchange of energy.

The reason we want to open our heart is because that is where we get to access our deepest desires, our intimate truths, our entry point to love and universal exchanges of energy. When we spend more time living from the heart (versus the mind) we create more connection, with ourselves, freedom, creativity, openness, calm, peace, grace, ease, joy, clarity, others, and with something greater than ourselves. When we live from our heart and universal energy, versus our own mind, unconscious and subconscious, ego, willpower, we have infinite resources, energy, inspiration, support. Sometimes the shift happens in one session, other times multiple sessions, and other times continued practice. The shift shows up in their levels of stress, calm, flow, creative expression, confidence and esteem, intuition, trust, alignment in work, money, relationships, living situations, love. I have, and witnessed my clients, break through lifelong trauma, hurt, pain, depression, anxiety, panic, anger, resentment, resistance, stubbornness, righteousness, avoidance, distance, overwhelm, stress, and many other emotions, lack of direction, lack of clarity, in 25 minutes.

Unlike meditation, where we sit quietly, observe the mental chatter, and slowly over time become aware of the power we have to choose - our thoughts and what we do with them, Breathwork is an active, efficient, effective technique that will allow you to disconnect from the mind, enter a different state of consciousness, and bring you to a deeper state of connection and love.

Through this Breathwork, you will start to access your own medicine and healing of old, unconscious trauma, hurts, beliefs, stories, thoughts and patterns. You will also access unblocking and opening of energetic channels. Additionally, you will access a higher state of unconditional love, consciousness, downloads, wisdom, insights in a way that would take years of meditative practice and/or therapy.

During the Breathwork you will lay down, music will be played, and you will actively engage in the three-part breath. Read more below for what to expect during Breathwork, benefits and outcomes of Breathwork, as well as the science behind Breathwork.

Breathwork can open meridians and channels, align your body and its energy, and create a revelatory and healing experience. The beauty of Breathwork is that it is natural so that you and your breath become the source of answers to questions, insights to challenges, freedom from feeling stuck, downloads to what's next for you, your life and your work in the world. 

As with any self-care practice, the most important way to learn if it's useful and helpful for you is to experience it for yourself. I look forward to serving you and your journey. I offer virtual and in person session, you can attend a class, join a women’s moon breathwork circle, or access a mini session through the Self Love Course.