Why Being Decisive Will Grow Your Business


I can't tell you how many times in the past I would have an idea, write it down, and then let it fade away in a journal, stashed in my drawer underneath sentimental cards. I usually have at least one person in every batch of new clients that has that notebook full of entrepreneurial ideas that they never take action to build. You feel me? 

That is why I've been studying some of my most successful clients, and tracing my own times of rapid growth and stagnation. What have I found? Being decisive is key and in order to be decisive someone has to be connected to and trust themselves. This is a lot of the work I do as a coach with my clients. Teaching them to trust their gut and be decisive with it. 

Just imagine, all those times you had an idea, all of those times you were in transition, all of those life challenges. What would have happened if you brought the idea it into physical reality. Where would you be? Where would your business be? 

According to a report published by Psychological Science called, "When High Powered People Fail", it was suggested that overthinking an idea or decision creates stress in the body and mind and reduces productivity.

1. Its great to do your research, but sometimes gathering too much information starts to cloud your intuition. If you feel like there are key items that you need to know before making the decision, then write those down and take them into consideration when you are deciding. 

2. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect decision, experience, or outcome. Life is simply a series of choices and feedback that give us information for our next choice. 

3. I often share this on social media and in my blog, that we are simply a set of muscles. Intuition, decision making, emotions, they are all muscles that get stronger the more we exercise them and practice. So make a decision to be decisive for a week, collect your data, and then make an informed choice on whether being decisive helped you. 

Remember, wherever you are today, in the midst of questioning whether or not you should take action, know that you have all of the answers inside of you, and those answers have always been inside of you. Its just a matter of accessing it.