It's Not Fair


What doesn't seem fair? Nothing in life is fair. 

This phrase comes up in my coaching sessions with clients often. Do you ever find yourself saying this? If so, you're not alone. There are lots of approaches to this statement. 

Usually what triggers us into saying this phrase is that we set an intention for something to happen, become attached to that intention happening exactly the way we envision it, and then become resentful to (fill in the blank...God, Universe, the company we work for, the manager we work for, the guy who dumped us, the IRS bill that said we owed more than we expected).

We jump to "it's not fair" instead of "its my learning". Getting triggered and feeling like "it's not fair" is an awesome opportunity to practice your consciousness skills, your mindfulness tools, your spiritual practices. 

This belief that "it's not fair" comes from somewhere. It will limit you from unlimited possibilities because you'll only allow what's fair to manifest.

It can be related to our personality, our upbringing, our astrological signs. But unless you unlock yourself from this belief that "it's not fair", you'll constantly be stuck in this cycle of good-bad, right-wrong, positive-negative. The suffering of duality and victimhood. 

Elevating our consciousness comes from stepping outside of the human realm of duality and ego, and instead into unconditional loving, unconditional forgiveness, unconditional compassion, the realm of Spirit, Universe, and God. 

As humans we have our mental, emotional and physical levels of consciousness. When we have thoughts that are aligned and positive, we feel happy, and we take positive actions. When we have thoughts that are not aligned and negative or self defeating, we feel awful, and we don't take positive actions. Often times we self sabotage to prove the beliefs are true. 

When we diet, change exercise habits, we move our physical conscious into a more positive state.  However this also means that we have to look at the emotional and mental pounds related to that weight that we once had and now lost. If we don't physical weight will come back to meet the mental and emotional levels in order to stay in human balance. The physical, mental, emotional always have to align. 

Human consciousness and ego categorizes things into positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong. However, at the spiritual level of consciousness, there is no duality. Its all loving, because its all for our learning, forgiving, compassion and grace. This is the realm of God. In the eyes of God, there is no right or wrong, there's just experiences and then consequences of what we do with them. Do we learn from them? Do we grow from them? Do we serve others? 

Often times people are not aware of the spiritual level of consciousness, so they make choices simply from the human realms. 

Other times people come into life with a set of circumstances they did not humanly choose (but we don't know if God chose that for them, or if their soul chose it for themselves, in order to heal and learn). Good books on this are Dr. Brian Weiss (past life regression psychiatrist), Many Lives, Many Masters and Only Love is Real. 

So, the opportunity we have is to stop looking at things as right or wrong, and "it's not fair", and instead, what am I meant to learn from this? 

Sometimes we don't get the job because there is something else, a higher purpose that we are being led to doing. Stay open to God's will. Look for the learning.