What Is Awakening?


What happens when you are sleeping versus awake? The eyes are closed and you are unconscious to what is happening in human life. What happens when you are spiritually asleep versus spiritually awake? The eyes are open and you are unconscious to what is happening in your human life.  

There have been times in my life when I was spiritually asleep. I was running on auto pilot and overwhelm, doing what I thought I should be doing. I was sick, exhausted, drinking, eating, grasping for anything to fill the void.  

Now I spend more of my time awake. I run on purpose, I choose to do what I am good at. The trouble with waking up is, we can't go from being asleep to awake. What I've found in watching myself and my clients transition and up level is that there are three distinct layers in the process of awakening. 

1. The first layer is mindfulness. Mindfulness means being aware of our thoughts. Realizing that we have thousands of thoughts everyday and awareness of the space between our thoughts. Mindfulness is like watching cars pass us on the street. We watch them, but we don't get in and drive away. 

2. The second layer is consciousness. Consciousness means having elevation, dominion, and perspective over our thoughts. We are aware of the thoughts, there's insight behind and understanding around the thoughts. In consciousness we start to see the learning in the thoughts. 

3. The third layer is awakening. Being "woke" means we are living beyond those thoughts. We are mindful of them passing through, we are conscious as to what to do with them, we see the learnings from them, yet we experience ourselves and our lives beyond that human thought-based level.  

So, how do we move through each of these layers? How do we stay "woke"?

The most efficient way to be become mindful is through meditation and awareness of our thoughts. Thoughts creates emotions. If you aren't able to decipher what thoughts you're having, pay attention to your emotions. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you angry? Are you peaceful? If you trace your thoughts back to your thoughts, what things are you telling yourself that are making you feel that way? 

The way we become conscious is not only having an awareness of your thoughts but also elevation and dominion over them and realizing that you are much more than them. We learn tools on how to process our thoughts and feelings, to learn from them, and to rise above them. In this level we ask ourselves, what is this happiness trying to communicate to me? What does my sadness want me to know? What is my anger calling forward in me/

The way we become awake is by bringing mindfulness and consciousness into our physical experience. Some people wake up through Breathwork, shamanic ceremonies, extreme exercise, religious and spiritual experiences. I've even worked with clients who woke up through a near death experience, an addiction and overdose, a suicide attempt. When you are awake, mindfulness and consciousness take on a whole new level, almost as if you are living above the human self. Mindfulness is the new norm, consciousness is where you reside even when challenged and triggered. You're able to be both upset and joyful at the same time. 

I have engaged in a lot of spiritual and healing practices. All different forms of meditation, yoga, kundalini, chanting, religions, prayer, writing, affirmations, reading, exercise, reiki, shamanic rituals. Breathwork is by far the most profound and powerful methods of awakening I have encountered. The beauty about Breathwork is that life seems to start to lead itself and from a conscious, mindful and heart led place. There's no pressure, there's no pushing, there's just a pulling from the heart to where it wants you to go next. 

If you're ready for your own awakening, there are lots of opportunities to breathe. We'll be in serving you up at the following opportunities: 

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