Become Mindful With This Simple Action


There's such an emphasis on becoming mindful. I too place an emphasis on meditation as part of my coaching. There is scientific data that proves how meditation improves mood, physiology and even makes you smarter. But the process of becoming mindful can be daunting and discouraging. If you have trouble meditating, here is one of the most simple tools that I use to support clients in practicing mindfulness. 

Right now as you are reading this, look at your hands. What are your hands doing? Are they moving, fidgeting, picking cuticles? Or are your hands clenched, are you wringing your fingers, biting your nails? 

Becoming aware of your hands will bring you immediately into the present moment. You can learn a lot about your internal state by becoming mindful of what you are doing with your hands. Moving, fidgeting, picking, are signs that you are nervous or anxious. Wringing, clenched, unconsciously making a fist with your palms is a sign that you are in fear. When you relax your fingers and palms, this tells the body and mind that you are calm and peaceful. 

Take moments throughout the day to check in with your hands. Bring yourself into the present moment. Become mindful through this simple action.