Bedtime Intention Setting to Utilize Your Sleep State

Insomnia, interrupted or disruptive sleep, heaving dreaming are common complaints that I hear in daily conversations and coaching sessions. When we become anxious before falling asleep, we ride on that energy while we sleep and then our sleep takes away our life force versus nourishing it.

Sleep itself is so important for overall health. But so is the state with which we are sleeping. Sleep is filled with detoxing, physiologically and energetically. Our sleep state allows the subconscious to filter out what it no longer needs and come back into alignment. It is so important to be able to harness this chunk of time with intention and purpose.

In addition to needing sleep for optimal health, sleep can also be used as a vortex for incubating ideas, opening to creative expression, receiving downloads about next steps, given direction and insights, working with the mystic to manifest desires into reality. Using my sleep state for co-creation has been a life changing tool that I learned back in 2005 while completing a Masters in Spiritual Psychology at The University of Santa Monica. Being able to use the eight hours that you are sleeping for processing, clearing, receiving, opening is so nourishing and connective.

Most people set intentions in the morning before starting their day, but what about evening rituals and preparing ourselves for the night?

This exercise is called Bedtime Intention Setting and allows you to use your dream state for alignment and creation. Stand firm with both feet planted. Imagine the earth energy coming up into your feet. Imagine the light opening your belly, your heart, and finally your third eye. Imagine the light forming a tunnel that sprouts from the top of your head into the clouds, into the Universe. As you are visualizing this imagine the light gathering the wisdom from the Universe and that coming down into your body. Then state out loud, “It is my intention to receive clarity about …” or “It is my intention to have resolution about …” or “It is my intention to open to next steps on …”. Follow this up with “It is my intention to remember the information in a way that is clear, simple, and I easily remember and understand.” Finally, “It is my intention to be nourished and restored with this sleep.” Take a deep inhale, hold, and exhale.

Test the bedtime intention daily over the course of seven days. Be observant of how it supports you feeling rested, inspired, and ready to conquer the day. Come back and share your experience!