How to Hire a Coach When You Have Limited Finances?

I see it over and over again from women I talk to at my circles and in discovery calls. I found myself in the same situation over and over again too. How do you hire a coach when your finances are limited?

What I have found with potential clients who are in this situation (and I will share my own experience below), is that when we think we don’t have the finances to invest in something owe want and deserve, its because we are in "reality" and the "fear" (ego) mindset versus the "possibility" and the "love" (higher self).

The first question you have to ask yourself is, “How much of what I am choosing right now from fear versus love?” Whenever we choose from fear, we will shrink. Whenever we choose from love, we will expand.

I can hear myself, fighting back on the “love” and “trust” and “surrender” bullshit. I said the same things when I was in your shoes. My realistic part would fight back and say, “Come on, let’s be realistic! Who is going to pay the bills while I’m investing in a coach?” See, you have to realize that this is your fear and ego (and it was my ego too), taking charge, over and over again. The dialogue inside of myself would go around in circles, leaving me exhausted.

The higher self knows that there is universal abundance, that you will always be taken care of, that we can surrender and tune into that deep trust. If YOU find yourself in this conundrum, this might be the exact learning lesson you are supposed to be having. Otherwise you wouldn’t be having it.

Usually a client will then say, “Okay, so what should I do? Use my savings to hire a coach? Wait until I create the income to invest? I know I need this now but I don’t have the money for it.”

The simple answer all of these could be options and all of this could be true. But you have to come back to your WHY for hiring the coach. Why did I eventually hire the coach? Because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired in something I didn’t like. Because I knew I needed that push. Just like an athlete on the field, the coach pushes them to continue practicing, even when they are tired, because they see the potential and the possibility.

In my experience, and in a lot of the coaching books, when people make a choice to be ALL IN to life, this energetically propels you to move mountains, and life brings abundance ALL IN to you. Probably more so than you ever have in your life. This is where the magic happens. And yes, it is scary as hell. Probably the scariest investment you will ever make.

For me personally, I knew that I needed a coach with a price tag that would scare me because that was the momentum I needed in order to step out of something that I'd been stuck in up to that point. Two years ago, I paid my coach $15K for 6 months of coaching. This was $15K that my husband said I was not allowed to use. This was $15K that I could have used to invest in a home. This was $15K I was not willing to put on credit cards. But this was the $15K that I knew I needed to do the one thing I hadn't done and that I deeply wanted to do - leave a 17-year career that paid well, that was stable, that was comfortable, but was sucking the life force out of my body, that left my spirit sad, that was keeping me sick, that left me always desiring more. 

You know what happened? I told my coach on Sep 9, 2016, that I wanted to make the $15K so that I wasn't using a credit card, I wasn't going into debt, I wasn't creating havoc in my marriage. I wrote her a check for $15K on Sep 9. I sent it to her home. She saved it on her desk with an agreement that she would cash it by Nov 9. You know what happened? I ended up creating the $15K by Oct 9. You know what else happened? I created another $15K by Nov 9.

ON FIRE. A new habit became my reality. I want to hold the same possibility for YOU. 

So here's your next step. It's time to get creative and inspired. Connect to WHY you want to do this coaching. Why do you want to create the investment for the coaching? And let me tell you, it is much more than just the coaching. Like my own personal example above, creating the investment for the coaching IS the coaching in and of itself! It's about shifting from the mindset that you don't have enough, that it's not there for you, that its not possible, that you are stuck, to a mindset that you have enough, and that it is always there for you, that it is possible, that you are expansive. The real empowerment, the real healing, the real transformation will happen when you see that you can create that $8K from pure desire. And when you do, that will change your life and you'll use the coaching to create the next $XK, the next $XXK, and so on. 

Long answer short… Its about taking a calculated jump, leap, risk. But its the best risk you will ever take.

I believe in you. I know you can do this! If you are ready for the next steps, schedule a complimentary call.

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