Using your Menstrual Cycle to Empower and Energize Yourself


Trust me, if you'd told me several years ago that I'd be structuring my monthly business projects and calendar around my menstrual cycles around the moon I would have said you were nuts. Although I had a deep affinity and connection to nature, I didn't realize the power it could have in my business and finances. It was hard for me to conceptualize and let go of the old way of running a business because I had been so successful in it...but I was also disconnected and burned out and ready for a new way. Breathwork cracked me open to trust in this exquisite dance. 

In the full and new moon circles we get to release the old ways of being and doing, let go of the things that no longer serve us, the limiting beliefs that stop us, block us, keep us small, stuck and disconnected from the natural flow of abundance. The beauty of the circles is that we each need to have a sacred space to be real and true. We shouldn't force ourselves to be positive all the time, because it's just not realistic. We all have insecurities, blocks and emotions. I see it daily in the powerful executives and entrepreneurs that I serve as a coach. When we can be real and authentic about what's happening in our mind and emotions, be witnessed by other women, then there's space to reclaim what is our true nature. We breathe life into that, as if fanning the flames of the open heart. We get to show up in the world in a successful, authentic and gentle way. If you are curious, skeptical, interested, claim your self and your spot here...