How to Feel Calm When You Are Busy


Whenever we catch ourselves saying we are too busy, that we don't have enough time, or there's too much to do, this is a red flag that we're loosing our power and drifting into victim energy. Thinking we don't have enough time, leads us to feeling overwhelmed and then our physical reaction is anxiety, stress and tension.  Feeling busy and stressed doesn't come from our lives, it comes from our minds and our choices. Here are a few tips on how to bring peace to the mind, feel more calm and start owning your time and life.

1. Remember that you have a choice. We can choose to be busy or be focused. We can choose to be overwhelmed or purposeful. We have a choice. The other day I had a lot of tasks to complete. I also wanted to take a walk and get some fresh air. I decided I had a choice. I could stay inside, hunkered behind my computer and feel more stressed, or I could take a way and get some sunshine and feel lighter. The I saw there was a third choice - to address the most important items while I walked outside. When I wasn't "should'ing" myself to do something, and when I wasn't "obligated" to do something, instead saw I had a choice, I felt a lot more pleasure. I was able to check my emails, answer my voicemails, post on Instagram and was inspired to share this blog on my Instagram stories. At the end of the walk I connected with a neighbor I'd never met before and we scheduled a date in the calendar for a mastery session as she embarks into a new phase of her life. I returned home, completed the last task and was able to spend the remainder of the day at a business lunch meeting and picking my kids up early from school. That day I had two choices in the morning - view it as a victim of time or an owner of my time. 

2. Bring intentionality to your life. When you are clear about your intention behind any and every action you take, then you bring attention to your choices. Using the same day as above, when I made the choice to be an owner of my time and my day, and saw that I had a choice about how I wanted my day to go, I set the intention to complete my tasks and enjoy time outside in nature and be of service. My experience mirrored my intention. All of my intentions manifested and integrated into my calendar and I felt calm. 

3. Pause and take a breath. When we are feeling busy, our breath is shallow. When our breath is shallow in our head, it keeps us stuck in our mind. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed isn't a bad thing. It is simply feedback. It is your body's way of saying slow down, pause, and breathe. When you notice overwhelm, stop and breathe. As you inhale, breathe over the count of four. As you exhale, double the count by breathing over the count of eight. Breathe this way three times. There is scientific research that shows this type of coherent breathing, resets our nervous and circulatory systems. 

Oprah, Beyonce, Bill Gates and you all have the same amount of hours in the day. When we become strategic with our energy and output, we create time and space to welcome and usher in our natural state of calm and peace.