Get Wild, Get Naked, Get Free


I took one of my coaching client's on a private retreat this weekend to the peaceful land of Lake Hemet in Idyllwild, California. This retreat was not something I conjured up in a meditation, vision board or business strategy session for the projection. This retreat was not something I advertised. Instead it came forward as an intuition, or pull that I felt deep inside. It kept coming over and over again as I cleared my inbox, posted Instagram stories and met with clients. Each time it swirled around I found myself speaking to "it", saying, "Yes, okay, show me more." I went to bed with no clear vision, no action steps. 

The next day the message kept coming and each time, although my old self who was mired in a corporate and research approach to take ideas into fierce planning, I danced with the retreat and allowed myself to feel into how it would BE to retreat into the wild.

During a Breathwork class that evening, one of the students, who was a former coaching client, had a deep, out of body experience. Whether you want to call it a past life, as I witnessed her Breathwork experience, I heard a voice inside say, "I need to return to the wild, I need to get free." After class she approached me and said, "I need you to take me out into the wild." 

Several weeks later, we found ourselves camping by the lake, finding solace in only one sound - the chirping birds, watching the Milky Way rotate right before our eyes, allowing the fire to take our inner ash, the new moon sky ushering us from us from dusk to night, laying nude in the sun and surrendering into spirit.

This woman is a person who lives so spiritually, so deeply, so joyfully.  Yet during our coaching, healing and meditations, she realized despite all of her beautiful moments of beauty and truth, there was still a lifetime of miniature withholdings in the nooks and crevices of her life. From the space of seeing this she made a in-spired commitment to no longer live that way. Instead she was going to live a life of of saying yes when everything inside screams fearful no's because of perceived rejection, abandonment, failure or shoulds.

The energy was palpable and what became clear to me since we returned is that wanting to get wild and get free is awesome. It is your soul calling and texting to you. It is a beckoning for you to peel back the layers of protection into total surrender, into a love we've never known, into a life of out-of-your-mind choices and actions. It's there that we ARE wild and free.  

So, do you have a calling to go out into the wild? To find a place of silence and quiet, where nature has your attention to speak to you? If so, let's talk. 

If you already have answered the call, where do you feel most wild and free?  When do you feel most naked and free? What can you do to bring that essence into your daily life, hour by hour?