How to Motivate Yourself When You Don't Know What To Do, or How To Do It



Most clients come to me because they want to know HOW to have whatever it is that they want. What tactics do they need to do, what systems they need to set up, how do they make it happen? Over the years I’ve come to learn that clients are asking themselves the wrong question. It isn’t that they need to know HOW. It is that they need to know WHY.

When we get curious and ask - WHY they want it, what will happen when they have it, how will they feel when they have it, whatever it is, then clients get the answers to HOW to create it naturally and easily with grace and ease.

A client this week was asking HOW she can create more time in her day, in her week, to do the things she needs to do for her business. I could have strategized with her, diving into her calendar, her time management systems, even her beliefs about time or lack thereof. But they type of coaching I provide doesn't approach from that perspective at first.  First we dove into WHY does she want more time? What will it give her? She said if she had more time then she would be able to surf more, volunteer more, spend more time on her coaching homework. That became her WHY which motivated her and she started brainstorming and strategizing ways to organize her day, being efficient with her time, to create more time for the other things that she loved. 

So, what are you wanting or needing but not sure how to motivate yourself to do? Make sure you are connected to your WHY. Once you feel that reason inside of your mind, body and spirit, watch the HOW unfold. 

Then give yourself the gift of knowing your WHY for everything that you are doing in your life. Why are you in your marriage? Why did you choose to become a parent? Why are you doing your particular job? Why do you want more time, success, love, or health? 

I'd love to hear from you and what you come up with. Or, if you have a question and want support, schedule a discovery call to see how this concept can help you.