Wednesday Winning - Anahita Joon

Authentic Style coach, credentialed leadership coach and spiritual counselor to visionary women, Anahita Joon was born and raised in war-torn Iran. Anahita is passionate about TRUE Freedom and believes this freedom lives in our return to NATURE. Anahita works with women who value self-expression through Authentic Style offers insights and practical how-to's for women who are ready embrace the gifts of their physical beauty and take the lid off any place where they have been holding back the expression of their power, light, and creativity.


What happened or inspired you to start your business? 

For many years, 15 years I coached on the side. I lead women groups, retreats, and workshops, I mentored many younger women but it was like a hobby that made me some money. I worked for other powerful transformational female leaders in their companies. In 2012 I had a vision of what my life would be if I stayed working to grow someone else's vision and what was possible for the world and myself if I went out on my own. I realized how afraid I was. I was afraid the Universe wouldn't support my vision, my calling. I heard the Divine Mother say to me (I hear things, I am clairaudient) You have to leave to know how truly supported you are and that was it.


How does spirituality impact your business? 

This is such a BIG question, I don't know what is not spiritual. The last few years have been a deepening for me to really find the sacred in the mundane, so all of life is spiritual to me and that includes business. I will say, my spiritual practice has granted me access to inner stillness, and this stillness does serve my business when I might otherwise be overwhelmed or just not feel like it. Also, I have a big WHY - what I do is literally the thing that pulses the blood through my veins. The WHY is to be FREELY expressed and serve humanity’s freedom from all oppression, inner and outer.


How do you stay motivated through the ups and downs of owning your own business? 

At this point I am totally unemployable because I am so sold on my business, my vision really. My business is really my soul expression, it is everything I spent the last twenty-four years becoming. I also have a business mentor, a solid group of successful female entrepreneurs as friends, and off the charts clients who are so bold and committed they inspire me infinitely. Of course, it helps that many of them are friends or become friends. I think also the fact that I take time off is how I keep going.


What would you tell the younger you just starting her business?

Going back to the one who created and taught her first-weekend workshop over ten years ago I would say TRUST YOURSELF and SERVE as big as you can, and there is no “where” to get to. I would repeat this every year along the way.


How do you balance your clients, professional projects, and personal commitments?

On Sundays, I vision the week ahead and ask myself what kind of experience I would like to add to the week ahead. What am I really wanting? Maybe a lazy afternoon by the pool, or a two-hour conversation with a girl friend or a to prepare a Persian meal that would take 3 hours and I add those in the calendar. Also, I put everything in the calendar, even yoga, lunch and my twenty-minute nap when I have my cycle. And the last week of the month I generally don't see clients, so that is a week for creative flow, content creation and at least 4 days of PLAY.


What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome?

Working alone was a big challenge. Much of my work is virtual and also my team members are virtual. I am a homebody and also an extrovert. There were times I would just not leave the house for days and I would start to get depressed and not know why.  Now I get dressed and leave every day to work with friends, or in public places when I am not seeing clients.


What project are you most excited about right now?

I was recently invited to contribute as a co-author. The forthcoming book is called “The New Feminine Evolutionary”. I feel honored to be in the company of incredible leading women creating this piece together. I really share my deepest wisdom in this piece and am now working on the full book.  Also, expect to see me on a Ted-x Stage soon dropping some hot bold truth.


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