Wednesday Winning - Hemalayaa Behl

I thrilled to introduce Hemalayaa Behl to you this week. As a lifestyle enhancement coach, motivational teacher, writer, dancer, lover of life and TV host, Hemalayaa personifies the divine feminine and leads women into their full feminine EMBODIMENT. I worked with Hemalayaa last autumn, and over the course of just two sessions, I opened and embodied the Shakti and began expressing more fully and deeply in my daily life. Hemalayaa has a powerful, playful, sensual and calm energy and weaves her heritage and life experience to serving the modern woman. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom to see a photo of Hemalayaa in action. Here is the one and only Hemalayaa!


What happened or inspired you to start your business?

What happened or inspired me to start my business is the transformation I experienced from the work I was doing on myself. I was transformed by the healing that was happening within myself from practicing yoga, dance, tantra and emotional release techniques. I wanted women who felt disconnected with themselves or not confident with their purpose to experience the shift I did. I know how to take them there. 


How does spirituality impact your business?  

I believe we all have our own unique connection with our spiritual selves. Spirituality is different than religion, and sometimes religion can confuse us and take us away from who we truly are…not always, but sometimes. I bring in spirituality into my work and help others find what your power practices are for bringing you into higher alignment. 


How do you stay motivated through the ups and downs of owning your business? 

This is a good question! I dance. I play. I keep myself in the pleasure zones often. I work in a way that keeps me creatively intact and connects to my deep feminine essence. 


What would you tell the younger you just starting her business?

Another great question! I would tell the younger me to build structure, systems and build a community and team to support. 


How do you balance your clients, professional projects, and personal commitments?

I have time pockets to relax and do nothing. I call it blank space. I have a three to five-day stretch every month where I can do that. I play spontaneously without an agenda in those times.


What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome?

My biggest challenge was buying into the belief that I had to do it all alone, independently, and like a man. I softened into my feminine and trusted more and opened up to the truth inside that I want to be partnered with others and work together. 


What project are you most excited about right now?

I am so excited for what’s already evolved and my summer tour with the musician, DTO. It’s been awesome! To learn more about where you can hear us perform, visit: