Why Having A Morning Ritual Will Change Your Life and Income

Having an intention and saying it out loud is like getting in your car with a destination of where you are going. Can you imagine getting in the car and driving around in circles all day? This is what most people do when they don't have a ritual to map out the remainder of their day. 

1. Get out of bed and move your body for 1 minute - I'm talking simplest stretches, a few yoga moves, closing your eyes and moving to your favorite song. It's about getting your blood, muscles, and energy flowing. This will wake you up more than coffee after doing it for a few weeks. 

Some of my clients have gone from 1 minute of stretching to training for and completing a marathon in a short amount of time or creating an hour long yoga routine. And not by forcing themselves but by taking small steps, one day at a time. Habits are created through consistent action. 

2. Set a timer and meditate for 5 minutes - notice the inhale, exhale and body as you breathe. Becoming present to your mental chatter, and breathing through it builds a muscle of sitting through discomfort which helps during more uncomfortable challenges. Being able to sit through discomfort allows us to expand and have bigger lives, bigger wins, bigger money, bigger love. 

Note: If you are a woman, it is suggested not to meditate (or engage intensely in meditation) while you are bleeding. The energy of meditation is pulling you out of your body and opposes the energy of bleeding which is grounding your body. Meditating during your moon cycle can cause a disconnected energy within your being. 

3. Write down 3 gratitudes and 3 self-appreciations - better yet have an accountability partner and email them to him or her. This takes 1 minute at most. 

Being grateful completely shifts moods, attitudes, limiting and old beliefs. Being appreciative of things you do for yourself brings the desire to do more of it. 

If you don't have someone in your life you can share these types of things with please let me know. I am here to support you AND have people in my circle who are looking to build this type of accountability and inspiration with a new friend. 

4. State 3 affirmations out loud - cultivate them towards something you are intending for, want to heal, want to experience more of in your life. This takes another minute. 

There is something very different about thinking things in your head and actually saying them out loud. If you want exponential results, say these affirmations out loud looking at your own reflection in the mirror. Wow. You'll be amazed. I've had clients shift their income from their annual earnings to their quarterly earnings because they affirm what they want to experience (versus unconsciously spiraling in what they don't want). 

5. Set an intention for the day - it can be a quality, an action. Remember your word to yourself is more important than anything else in the world. This also takes one minute.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and comment!