It's Your Beliefs That Are Limiting You - Not Your Action or Procrastination

Creating what we desire is a recipe of equal parts 1) taking big risks 2) having a vision 3) doing the inner work and 4) doing the outer work. 

I love doing, working and producing on the physical level. I also enjoy the realms of consciousness and spirituality. I have faith, I pray, I visualize and imagine. For a long time, I thought that my businesses success or failure was directly related to these things. 

Not long ago I discovered that despite my smart work, and FAITH that anything was possible, I still didn't believe or have faith when it came to money. Somewhere, deep down inside, there was an old belief that I couldn't do what I loved AND provide for myself and my family. 

Crazy, right? I know. It was a belief that seemed preposterous even to me! But I couldn't shake it no matter how hard I tried. No amount of pushing, driving or working on the outside made a difference. My coach pointed this out to me after observing it underneath the surface in several conversations. And honestly, if I didn't have her on my team, I would have been oblivious to it, because it was out of my sight. So I started looking at that belief about money, where did it come from, was it even mine, why was I holding onto it, what would it take to let go? So I wrote the answers to those questions. I completed several rounds of free form writing for 32-days in a row. I went to my energy healers to unlock and unblock if there was anything on an unconscious level that I didn't have access to. And I stayed the course of my spiritual practices, daily work tasks, and asking the Universe to support me. 

The beauty of our external world is that it gives us feedback for what system we are operating on in the inner world. When our external world isn't working the way we would like, its an opportunity to investigate the conscious and unconscious inner worlds.  

The beauty of coaching is that I would not have seen it as quickly or clearly had I not had someone in my corner who was watching everything from a higher perspective. My coach is not supposed to be my friend, she's not my partner or invested or attached to my family. She's completely neutral with only one goal - to support me in creating what I desire. She intuits and sees what we cannot and, with curiosity and play, asks us to look at it with them. 

My coach was with me every step of the way because she didn't want me walking around the world thinking I don't have enough money, that I couldn't create what I wanted or needed, that Love and the Universe would not provide for me. 

As your coach, I don't want you walking around with any of those stifling or limiting beliefs about money. If you are, let's get on the phone and get to the core - what beliefs are blocking you from creating what you deeply desire. 

With Love, Gwen