Wednesday Winning - Julie Solomon

Ladies and Gents – Today’s Wednesday Winning is featuring Julie Solomon – and wow do I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with a powerhouse like Julie. As a publicist, brand manager, marketing strategist, blogger, and founder of The Influencer Podcast, Julie’s blog,, teaches influencers and entrepreneurs how to up-level their business through PR, social media, and marketing strategies. Her course, Pitch it Perfect, is an online course that teaches people how to garner free publicity for themselves through a pitch formula I created, that garnered over $500K in brand deals in 2016. Read below to learn more about how Julie started her business, her greatest challenges in building a business, how she overcame them and how she balances clients such as Lenny Kravitz, Janes Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, blogger Lauren Scruggs Kennedy and publishing houses Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins Publishing.


What happened or inspired you to start your business? 

I saw the need that bloggers and influencers needed when it pertained to knowledge, valuing their work and knowing their worth. So many influencers were negotiating bad deals and agreeing to terms that didn't serve them or their work for the long term. It's my goal to change that for them.


How does spirituality impact your business?

Spirituality impacts my business through service. It's the essence of my brand. I work with a lot of faith-based leaders and prominent Christian leaders. As well, my course Conscious Connection is all about connecting to your unique spiritual brilliance to reveal your true service to the world. I worked with an energy healer and spiritual coach, Nicola Salter, last year and she really helped me align how my "spirit" can flow with my mind and body to achieve a greater brilliance. It was life changing and really catapulted my endeavors to where they are today. In such a short time, so much was achieved and it was truly inspiring. 


How do you stay motivated through the ups and downs of owning your own business?

My family is a driving force, as well my own outlook. I tend to be extremely optimistic, which helps. If something fails or doesn't happen then way I envisioned I might feel disappointed but I use it as fuel for growth to get me to that next level. I know that every struggle I am given, essentially, is what I have asked for. It's all part of the process. 


What would you tell the younger you just starting her business?

Focus down! I believe it is so important to test a lot of things out, as that how you find your niche. But I wish I had been more focused. I used to work sporadically and would constantly be switching to different tasks at the same time, which really wasted so much time. 


How do you balance your clients, professional projects, and personal commitments?

It's a daily practice. Praying and meditation help and honestly I say NO often. If it is not going to clearly better my family, my work or I then I don't do it. 


What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome?

My biggest challenges were always leaving the "safe" jobs and going out on my own. I have done it twice now and as scary as it is, I always know when I follow my fears, I am on the right track. 


What project are you most excited about right now?

I am most excited about my new podcast, The Influencer Podcast. We just launched last month and are already in the top 40 business podcasts on iTunes. It is really amazing. I love the conversations and connecting with my audience in this way. We are also working on some new things with Pitch it Perfect. Although it is geared toward bloggers, anyone that has a "brand" or business they are trying to promote can benefit from it. If you need to collaborate or if you need to garner media for your business - this will help you get there!