Learning to Use Your Intuition Can Be Tricky

Intuition is a tricky topic for most of my clients who are just starting their spiritual path. I can relate because I spent most of my life of not listening to my true self, not understanding my emotions and not honoring my intuitions. And I had a lot of trouble differentiating between the mental chatter, the feelings, and the intuition or higher self. 

Intuition is tricky for those who have been on the conscious path for a long time. What I've noticed happen for myself at certain points of my life and for my clients are they become comfortable or their life becomes too full, and the daily practices that got them the amazing life in the first place get placed on the back burner. Muscles that don't get used atrophy. Intuition is no different. 

The best way to learn to differentiate between mental chatter and intuitive hits is that I feel them in my gut or stomach and often times they make no logical sense. 

I am a nerd at heart and I spent early years of my adult working career in pharmaceutical research. That career gave me the gift of running experiments and making choices based on data. 

Making choices on blind faith is hard for most and at times life calls for it but most of the time choices are easier once we have data to back it up. Data can come in the form of running your own experiments - observing what works and what doesn't. 

The easiest and most light-hearted way I enhance intuition is to run an experiment for a week. Track your feelings and mental thoughts versus gut feelings about people, decisions, and situations. Jot them down, make choices and see what happens and write down the result. You'll start to see a pattern. The heart knows.