Wednesday Winning - Gigi Yogini

I'm so honored to introduce to you Brigitte Kouba, also known as Gigi Yogini. I met Gigi through a mutual friend and I am blessed to facilitate Breath Work classes in her studio. When I first met Gigi I felt her power and palpable energy immediately. She is a true powerhouse - the mother of one-year-old twins, a yoga business owner, a contributor to Elephant Journal and Mind Green Body, holds a masters degree in Communication and also provides marketing consultation services. As a force in the world, Gigi not only teaches yoga and celebrates her work as a positive body image advocate, but she runs women's circles and leadership training. After getting to know Gigi, we discovered we both attended the Wisdom Women annual gathering at Esalen in Big Sur this past January and share a common intention to uplift fellow female visionaries. I hope you enjoy Gigi as much as I do. 

How does spirituality impact your business?

I allow myself to feel connected to an infinite source and trust that it, The Universe, has my back. I show up at work to be a channel for the Highest Good to be done through me. I trust. I serve. 

What was the inspiration for your business?

The main inspiration for my business is to live a good life filled with purpose. I have always been inspired to fulfill my dharma and continue to seek self-actualization.

More specifically, I've always felt drawn to the mental/physical health and wellness industries having been raised as a Catholic, an athlete and a community leader since childhood. Through high school and college, I studied a lot of religion, music, and arts while excelling at athletics, yoga, outdoor adventures, and youth leadership. I received a Masters in Communication while working for a nonprofit organization and trying to figure out how to run a profitable and successful business that makes the world a better place.

I had a steady job for a little while and had lots of side hustle. I worked nights and weekends teaching yoga, volunteering, working with kids, teaching after-school yoga, and all of that eventually took over and became the entire hustle. I teach yoga AND I continue to make money as a consultant, media producer, spokesperson, and mentor. I learned how to receive the financial abundance as a payment for sharing my skills and expertise.

How do you stay motivated being an entrepreneur?

I'm always more motivated when I'm best organized. So I reassess and reorganize everything often. I have brainstorm sessions and collaborations with others. I do my best to look at things from a new and different perspective. I like to "talk it out" with others. I get advice from my business mentors. I seek guidance. I meditate. I exercise. I pray.

What would you tell the younger you?

Keep making the best decisions you can. You know what you're doing! You're on the right track. Keep traveling. You'll never regret it.

How do you balance personal and professional commitments?

First of all, I make fewer commitments. Secondly, I have a very specific schedule for my work days and my family days. I fully commit to business on my work days and I'm totally present with my kids on family days. I prioritize AND surrender.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome?

I have to overcome a deep, deep sadness in my heart on a daily basis. 

What project are you most excited about right now?

My upcoming Women's Leadership Training. It's the work I live for!