Books For Your Journey

I give all my client's homework as part of the coaching. Reading and then emailing me their favorite quotes and excerpts is one of the best assignments. Why? Because books are a great way to continue the momentum between coaching sessions, to learn more about what we experience, and turn wisdom into knowledge. 

Below are some lists of my favorite books that I often reference and assign as homework:

Female Entrepreneurs:

  • Grit
  • Lean In
  • Rise Sister Rise
  • #Girlboss
  • The Girl Code
  • Women Who Run With the Wolves
  • Daring and Disruptive
  • Business Boutique
  • The One Thing


  • Energy of Money
  • Soul of Money
  • Women and Money
  • Tapping into Money
  • The Art of Money
  • Creating Money
  • Get Rich Lucky Bitch
  • You Are A Badass at Making Money
  • Sacred Success
  • The Trick to Money is Having Some


  • Healing
  • Reluctant Healer
  • You Can Heal Your Life
  • Biology of Belief
  • Power Versus Force
  • Loveability 
  • The Art of Extreme Self-Care
  • Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom
  • Conversations with The Womb
  • Woman Code


  • Turning Pro
  • The War of Art
  • Big Magic
  • Love Warrior
  • Quiet


  • Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom
  • Conversations with the Womb
  • Pussy: A Reclamation
  • Women Who Run With the Wolves
  • Powerful and Feminine
  • Her Blood is Gold
  • Woman Code
  • Why Men Love Bitches


  • To Be a Man
  • The Way of the Superior Man

Spirituality and Consciousness:

  • Conversations with God
  • Power Versus Force
  • Loyalty to Your Soul
  • The Untethered Soul
  • Biology and Belief


  • Love Warrior
  • Women Food and God
  • Addiction and Grace