Take Intuitive Hits to Creation and Income

Taking my business to the next level started as an intuitive hit back in September. It was a small, still and quiet voice that told me IT WAS TIME. There are two important steps to take when we hear that inner calling:

1) Say YES

2) Make a plan and take consistent, consecutive action

The thing that I feel is missing from a lot of coaching trainings is the step by step logistics of HOW they started. I wanted to know the nitty gritty details. I was curious about the gap between where they were and where they are now. How did ideas come to them? What did they do with them? How did they take action? More importantly, how did they feel through the process. Was it always as easy as their trainings made it seem? As I've gotten to know female entrepreneurs more intimately I've learned that their businesses didn't manifest as easily as they led on and there was a common thread of grit and virtue. It was a process that was uncomfortable, comfortable, easy and not-so-easy. So here's the honest truth snippet of my journey. 

1. September - I found a coach who charged a lot of money. I was scared at the amount and what my family could do with that money instead. I didn't use a credit card. I didn't take from our savings. I made a commitment to create the resources to invest in my coaching. I dove deep into my 12-Step program, Kundalini Yoga and spiritual practices. I attended a Breath Work class for the first time. 

2. October - I let go of a project that was very lucrative but time consuming and I did not enjoy. I began blocking more time in my schedule for what I did enjoy. I started saying NO and YES to things with firm and loving energy. I continued attending Breath Work classes twice a month. I gave up all forms of sugar (fruit, condiments, carbs, etc) for the three months. OH MY, no sugar in this society is worse that detoxing from alcohol and/or drugs. Luckily I had a best friend that was willing to cleanse with me. Our husbands and children continued eating sugar. We detoxed through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Years Eve. We texted at least five to ten times a day. 

3. November - I created the funds to hire my coach. WOW. That was the miracle and crux of my coaching in and of itself that I learned how to utilize my resources to have what I wanted.  I found such value and empowerment in knowing I didn't use a credit card and I am a creator. I met with my coach twice a month and I emailed her at least several times a day. I committed and signed up for Breath Work Healer Training 1, 2, and 3. 

4. December - I got my next intuitive hit. It was time to learn how to use social media and marketing. I researched a branding strategist and a marketing coach. I spent a lot of time meditating, praying and reading. Several books left a lasting impression on how women could harness so much power from the lunar cycles. Women started showing up and asking for a space to connect more deeply with themselves and others. The next nudge happened one morning packing lunches for the kids - women's moon circles. I created an Ideal Scene. 

5. January - I created the funds and exceeded what I needed. I started collaborating with a branding strategist and a marketing coach. This is when things got REALLY uncomfortable. I was not hitting my own upper glass ceiling, I was banging against it. All of my discomfort came bubbling up to the surface. I had to get specific, I had to start promoting myself, I had to clarify my vision. I finished my first level of Breath Work Healer training and started holding space for others as clients and getting paid.

6. February - I dove even deeper into my website, writing blogs, creating ideas for courses. I stretched. I stopped fighting and started celebrated marketing and social media. I started to surround myself with smart and successful women. I finished the second level of Breath Work Healer training, continued serving clients and group interest started to unfold. 

Which leads me to today. I hesitated to post this because of where I am. I haven't fully arrived. I am no where near complete. I'm learning I am a work in progress.  Of course I haven't arrived with everything I want to offer BUT aren't we all there? It's so empowering to start from where I am.

I would love to hear if this was helpful and what your journey has been!