Freedom From That One Block That Keeps You Stuck

September 29, 2014 I said yes to my ultimate relationship ring

We all have them. Those pesky challenges that we thought were healed or learned and then, pop they come back into your life. I have found that we all have our particular lessons (which is usually also our purpose) in this life to learn. The lessons can centers around control, fear, addiction, indecision, commitment, trust, worthiness, speaking up, relationships, finances, food, self love and more. 

As a recovering perfectionist, I thought that the reason something kept showing up in my life was because I hadn't learned the lesson. I think its so easy for us to latch onto new age guilt" which is the kind of guilt we use against ourselves for not being the perfect coach, the perfect healer, the perfect partner, etc. Surely if you "truly" healed the lesson it should never show up again. 

Not true. 

What I have found in coaching clients since 2007 is the reason our challenges keep showing up  in a different face, place or time is not because we haven't learned the lesson but because we are meant to learn a DEEPER and more EVOLVED version of the lesson. Why? Because we have evolved and are not the same person we were five or ten years ago when the challenge last reared its ugly head. Now we get to face it from a new height and depth inside of us. 

To me we as humans are like the rings of a tree. Have you ever looked at a tree after it has been cut? The rings of the tree can be used to determine how long the tree has been alive. We too can use the same block that keeps showing up as a milestone of how far we have come in life. 

This concept, that we each have our core lessons to learn and they MAY keep coming forward at different times in our life has given me so much freedom. Now when the challenge comes back around I can be empowered and experience freedom by doing the following: 

1. Gratitude - Look at how far I've come from the last healing phase and give gratitude for how much I have grown. Don't judge the lesson, welcome it with open and loving arms.

2. Application - Write down the lessons you learned the last time you went through this and apply it to your current experience. Mastery is a series of discovering and discarding. Learn what has worked and leave behind what does not. 

3.  Plan It - Make a plan, both of what you can do and how you can BE with yourself. Remember, how we do anything is how we do everything. How we treat ourselves as we move through the issue is the issue, not the issue itself. 

4. Track It - Share what is unfolding on a daily or weekly basis with your coach or your journal. By reviewing what has transpired over time you can become your own inspiration as you continue to move through to the other side.  

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