Welcome to my new podcast! Every week, you'll get to listen in on a real, one-on-one coaching session with someone looking to move past their doubts and worries to bring out something amazing in life. You might relate parts of yourself when you hear guests open about the beautiful grit of their life.

My clients and followers have been asking for a podcast so here we go! 

In the podcast we look at the grittiness of client's lives - including the troubled relationships, fears, resistance, illness, disease - as a way of polishing the gem of their life back to something radiant and beautiful.

You will get to be a fly on the wall and listen to live coaching sessions. Each guest will share one challenge they are experiencing. During the podcast I will use the practical and spiritual tools I use, with my private, group, and corporate clients, to coach them to resolution. The guest will receive coaching and the listeners will receive insight into their own challenges and tips on how to move through them.  

I will also have experts onto the podcast to share their wisdom on the challenges and topics discussed. As a business and personal coach, I delve into topics related to career, business, entrepreneurship, stress, finances, relationships, parenting, addictions, health, and more. 

Make sure you download the podcast and give it a rating!

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