Starts Monday, JUNE 17

We live in a culture and world that rewards doing, and where many of us feel disconnected not only to nature, to others, but to our own energy. Most women (and men) that I talk to share a common desire -  to slow down and pause, reconnect, restore, and celebrate our light.

Summer is a time of the year when we have an overabundance of energy, celebration, joy, warm weather and sunlight. But in a culture and world that rewards doing, we all desire time to pause, reconnect with ourselves and simply be.

I designed this challenge to be that pause in your day to align your vibration, receive deep nourishment, and have a joyful heart opening. I’m inviting you to join me in the Summer Equinox Energy Challenge! Sign-up below to participate in the free 7-day challenge.

Everything rides on the energy of your actions, not just your actions.
— Gwen

This challenge is for you if:

  • You are feeling overwhelmed, scattered, stressed and would benefit from easy tips and tools to ground and recenter your energy

  • If you are doing well, but are desiring the next level of attuning and expanding your energy and heart

  • If you’re curious about coaching, breathwork, energy healing and craving more support and community than doing it alone through books and podcasts

  • You are ready to meet other conscious women (and men) who are like you, high achieving and spiritual and wanting to expand and grow

The Summer Equinox Challenge will give you that time to reconnect with your light, through the light of summer.